New MVZ Rigoli MVZ 1000 printer distributed by Reprocad Ltd

RCL and Rigoli will be demonstrating the printer and showcasing customized packaging at the upcoming IPACK-IMA Show.

Reprocad Ltd (RCL) is distributing the Rigoli MVZ 1000 printer as; the first roll-to-roll, wide web, single-pass, inkjet printer powered by Memjet and designed for flexible packaging applications.

This new, low-cost solution enables users to produce the colorful, short-to middle-run lengths of customized flexible packaging that are in demand in today’s market.

RCL and Rigoli will be demonstrating the printer and showcasing customized packaging at the upcoming IPACK-IMA Show which will take place between May 29 and June 1, 2018, in Milan, Italy.

The MVZ 1000 is a unique solution that provides the ultimate flexibility. With its small footprint, this package-printing solution can easily be placed in-line with finishing equipment. Because it utilizes Memjet printing technology, the printer is available with a low cost of entry. This means that users are able to realize a faster return on their investment based on increased productivity, lower inventory and reduced scrapping costs. This combination of functionality and quality makes the MVZ 1000 unlike any other solution on the market.

“All disciplines within the printing industry are seeing a general migration to digital technology. The packaging industry has been slow to catch up with this trend, until now, as the existing systems did not really have the quality or speed required for modern-day productivity.” Says Peter Barton, Managing Director of RCL.

“The fast moving nature of shortening product lifecycles, resulting in a massive increase in the number of SKUs has made the older, analog, technologies difficult to manage.

Digital technology gives true on-demand print, and the MVZ 1000 printer can produce personalized packing with – in extreme cases – a different image on each package! In real life situations it is quite normal, for example, to need a production run with 500 packages using design X, 200 packages using design Y, 50 packages using design Z and so on…. The MVZ 1000 printer can cope with this via its internal software menu system.

We are excited to be bringing this game-changing printer to a market worth over $13Billion.”

The MVZ 1000 offers brands and converters the ability to produce variable packaging across a wide variety of applications, sizes and substrates. Packaging can be produced either off-line or in-line to create customized solutions.

Zsolt Tarjanyi, managing director of Rigoli s.r.l, says, “As the packaging market addresses an increasing demand for varying branding, messaging, sizes and shapes, the MVZ 1000 delivers. It has the speed, image quality, reliability and affordability that users demand—and only Memjet technology can provide.”

The Rigoli MVZ 1000 can support media widths of up to 1,067 mm, and 1,000m in length. The full media roll can be printed in one job, without the need to cut the media, and the speed of the feed to a packaging line can be synchronized via a buffering system. This is unique to the MVZ 1000 – no other Memjet printer can do this! The printer includes an industrial unwinder (with loader) and rewinder that can accommodate jumbo rolls. The rewinding options are printed-side up or printed-side down, which improves efficiency. The MVZ 1000 printers can be installed in-line with other finishing equipment , including cutting, and laminating systems as well as packaging and filling equipment. This in-line setup saves time and unnecessary steps in the production process.

The quality produced by the Rigoli MVZ 1000 printers rivals that of offset. Powered by Memjet’s single pass wide format technology, the solution produces 1600×1600 dpi printing resolution at 9 m/min speed, or 1600×800 dpi at 18 m/min speed, with a class-leading 1.2pl drop size.