PaperlinX and ArtSystems agree partnership to sell Stratasys 3D printers


Nottingham-based ArtSystems have just announced a new deal with PaperlinX, formerly known as Robert Horne and one of the world's leading merchants of paper, communication materials and a variety of diversified products and services. The two companies are combining to bring the Stratasys Ideas 3D printer range to new and existing customers of PaperlinX in the UK and Ireland.

PaperlinX is the largest company that ArtSystems have signed up to their Stratasys reseller programme, and the decision by PaperlinX to enter into this partnership confirms that they firmly believe in the continuing growth and sales potential of the embryonic 3D print market.

Stratasys is a world leading manufacturer of 3D printers and its revolutionary Idea Series consists of the Mojo, uPrintSE and uPrintSE Plus printers which all use proven Fused Deposition Modelling™ to produce high quality 3D models.

Both companies can bring a great deal to the table in this new partnership. PaperlinX has a global customer base and will champion Stratasys 3D printers to a variety of target markets and professional and design applications among their customers, including education and reprographics as well as MCAD and Arch CAD.

For its part, ArtSystems brings expertise in 3D print logistics including specialist delivery, training and installation services, along with proven sales, marketing and ongoing business development programmes. They can also offer full product and technical support, to help upskill both PaperlinX and their end users on the benefits and commercial advantages of 3D printing, and choosing the right Stratasys product for specific types of business.

PaperlinX is delighted with the new partnership as Phil Tomlinson, Hardware Sales Manager for PaperlinX Solutions points out: "The Stratasys range of equipment has huge potential, has a wonderful fit into PaperlinX and will be sold alongside our other equipment within the Visual Technology Solutions division. We can't wait to get started and are confident this will bring more added value and opportunities for growth to our customers across the UK."

The team at ArtSystems are just as excited about the possibilities that lie ahead. As Ted Freer, Divisional Manager at ArtSystems confirms: “We’re extremely pleased to have a partner of the size, stature and resources of PaperlinX on board to work both with ourselves and the Stratasys range of 3D printing products. The potential for this market is enormous and we aim to be at the very forefront of driving forward its growth, development and profitability. These really are exciting times.”