ArtSystems' Summa S Class 2 new firmware

Unlock G-Performance on S Class 2 cutters: “Makes a great machine even better”.

Nottingham-based specialist distributor ArtSystems has just announced a new firmware upgrade bringing enhanced features and significant performance improvements to Summa’s S Class 2 cutting plotters. 

This upgrade is free for cutters purchased in 2018, however for older models there will be a charge.

ArtSystems’ Andrew Edwards, Divisional Manager Sign & Display, explained: “The S Class 2 cutting plotter is already a world-class machine, but this firmware upgrade adds an exciting new feature called ‘G-Performance’ which offers a bundle of superb system enhancements to improve its offering, including:

• Greater user-friendliness
• G-Performance
• Dog Ear
• Screensaver

Summa S Class 2 G Performance in action 002

“With G- Performance installed the S Class 2’s performance is boosted by up to 40%, including faster cutting speeds across a wider range of substrates and swifter reading of registration marks. It makes a great machine even better helping streamline workflow and increase productivity; we think customers will be keen to take advantage of it as quickly as possible.”

For all S Class 2s purchased during 2018 the free unlock is available by visiting The unlock is sent directly to the customer on completion of the online form. To access the unlocks for older cutters, customers will need to contact the reseller from whom they purchased the machine.