Atech launches Handy Eyelet tool for banner repairs

Atech Handy Eyepress

Most signmakers will at some stage or other have found themselves in a position where they have to repair a banner on site when a simple handheld eyelet tool would do the job. This has been a bit of a nightmare to sort at times – until now! Atech is proud to bring to the UK the most sought after tool a signmaker can buy – the Handy Eyepress.

Winner of the Viscom Innovation Award in 2009, this clever little tool has been selling like hotcakes across Europe and Atech has been awarded the UK distribution rights for it. Allan Ashman managing director comments; “We’re constantly searching for new and innovative tools to make the signmaker's life easier and his business more efficient. The Handy Eyepress fits this mould perfectly – as does its sister products from the Emblem range of manual and pneumatic eyelet presses. We’ll be showcasing them at Sign & Digital UK this year on our stand so you can see for yourself just how easy they are to use and how much time they can save you and your business.”

The Handy Eyepress is the first of its kind, its ideal for making on-site repairs to installed banners.  It is available in two sizes – one for 9.5mm eyelets and another for 11mm eyelets.