17 Jan 2022

Zund announces plans for FESPA 2017

Zund RM L

The Zünd exhibit at Fespa 2017 (Hall B7, Booth D30) in Hamburg, Germany, puts in focus the modularity and the diverse uses of Zünd digital cutting systems.

Solutions specifically designed to meet the needs of the sign & display markets offer various levels of automation for every application. If there is one thing that stands out in the sign & display market, it is the extraordinarily wide and diverse range of substrates being used... from acrylics to cardboard to fabric. Just as diverse as the materials are the methods and parameters for processing them.

To complicate matters even further, print service providers are faced with the growing demand for customized and personalized products, economically manufactured in small and even "micro" production runs. And with ever shorter times to market.

This is where Zünd can offer perfect technology solutions that meet all these requirements and provide maximum productivity and profitability. A highlight of Zünd's FESPA exhibit is the Zünd G3 3XL-3200 cutting system. Consistent with the trend towards greater utilization of fabrics for signage and displays, the cutter is equipped with technological advances designed to facilitate advancing and processing of rolled fabrics.

At the same time, a D3 cutter with Board Handling System BHS demonstrates the extraordinary productivity of Zünd's dualbeam system in combination with fully automated board handling. Each beam, equipped with up to three different tools/modules, processes the material simultaneously but independently of the other. Depending on the cut file and specifics of the job, this can up to double production speed and volume.

With another G3 cutter, market leader Zünd displays the latest in high-powered, fully automated routing technologies. The high-capacity RM-L router spindle delivers up to 3.6 kW of power and 0.7 Nm torque. This level of routing force is unprecedented on a multifunctional flatbed cutter and opens up vast new potential in terms of performance. With the ARC, Zünd is offering a way for users to completely automate the routing process. Combined with the automatic tool changer ARC, the RM-L router module is capable of routing acrylic, Dibond, Forex, or MDF with unprecedented speed and productivity.

Zünd's modular design allows for tailoring and adapting cutting system configurations anytime to meet specific production needs. This is true for all aspects of the system, including cutting method, tooling, and material handling. Users can rest assured that they always have access to the perfect finishing solution, no matter what their customers demand.