Drytac demonstrates improved VersaCoater XL UV Liquid Coating machine for first time at FESPA

Drytac Liquid Coater

Drytac Europe Ltd, a Bristol, UK-based laminating film & machinery manufacturer, demonstrated its improved VersaCoater XL UV Liquid Coating machine to the European market for the first time at this years’ FESPA Digital in Hamburg.

The VersaCoater XL wide format UV curable roller coater is the most economical, flexible finishing solution for wide format graphics. Running at a process speed up to 33m/min, a 100m roll of printed vinyl was coated, cured and wound back onto a core in 4 minutes using the (optional) roll-to-roll feature during a live demonstration at FESPA.

Crowds gathered to watch this impressive feat, as well as the unveiling of the (optional) White Kit for the VersaCoater XL. With white liquid coatings for both flexible and rigid substrates, several reverse printed samples of acrylic we coated, showing how this feature can replace the costly need of printing in white, as well as give flexibility in opacity depending on how many passes through the coater the print went.

“I was very pleased at the level of interest shown for the VersaCoater XL,” said Jim Tatum, VP of Drytac’s Liquid Division, who attended the show. “The new features truly make this machine unlike any other available on the market and we were able to demonstrate that successfully.”

Other new features on the VersaCoater XL include a perspex see-through front cover with illuminated backlit coating section for improved visibility, a new curing system with split power feature for reduced power consumption, a new curing unit light shield for additional UV light safety (2m wide machine only), and a pneumatically controlled dual blade scraper, putting an end to wet prints on back side.

With the VersaCoater XL having been sold just prior to the show, Steve Broad, Sales Director for Drytac Europe, is confident that a few more installations will be completed throughout Europe before the year is out.

Overall, FESPA Digital was an overwhelming success, with several Drytac machines being sold, thus Drytac are actively seeking qualified VARs for representing Drytac throughout Europe and beyond. Interested printer resellers should contact Jim Tatum via email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .