Fantasy Prints invests in a Kongsberg X24 Starter from CMYUK

The Kongsberg X Starter offers a broad selection of tools, providing quality results on a wide range of cutting, creasing and plotting tasks.

Fantasy Prints, certified ISO9001 in October 2017, is well known in Edinburgh, East Lothian and the Scottish Borders for providing complete printing and signage solutions.

After purchasing an EFI VUTEk GS2000LX Pro from CMYUK in 2017, they found that the cutter they previously owned couldn’t keep up with the speed of the new printer, and backlogs started to become a problem. They returned to CMYUK – the UK’s largest independent supplier of wide-format digital printers, cutting equipment and materials – to find a solution gave them greater productivity and more options for different media, which was the Kongsberg X24 Starter.

The size and speed of the Kongsberg has allowed the company to expand into new markets, reduce overtime, save money and cut back on wastage.

“The training we got from CMYUK was excellent,” says Sarah McMorn, Managing Director at Fantasy Prints, “We’re really excited about the Kongsberg, especially considering the new opportunities we can offer our clients and the money we can save. We now have the capability now to offer a complete one-stop solution. CMYUK always take an interest in the company and offer solutions that will benefit Fantasy Prints and the team members in the company. “