Forsstrom and Zund announce global cooperation strategy

Zund Photo

Forsstrom, a leading Swedish manufacturer of high-frequency welding equipment, and Zund have announced a global co-operation strategy to broaden their business knowledge and sales networks. The co-operation between the industry giants will enable their customers to purchase a truly tailor-made solution for both digital cutting and high frequency welding.

Zund UK has now become the UK distributor and service provider for Forsstrom high frequency welders, bringing full cover and support for the entire solution.  Peter Giddings, sales director of Zund UK explains, “In the UK, we’ve seen a few collaborations over the past few months with resellers working together and manufacturers choosing to work with synergic partners. In print finishing and especially with textiles and banners, we’ve found that the backlog resulting from the speed and efficiencies of the Zund G3 cutters is now in the final finishing i.e. hemming and welding, so this new alliance makes complete sense and will be welcomed by our customers. With this new agreement we can eliminate entirely the old bottlenecks and deliver a full and holistic finishing solution to meet the high standards expected at this professional level.”

Zund UK will have Forsstrom high frequency welding solutions in their UK showroom for demonstration from early November. Forsstrom welders are used in a wide variety of markets to produce a huge range of products including truck and boat covers, tarps, tents, structures, sunshades, pool liners, billboards, inflatable products, liquid tanks, stretch ceilings, valve membranes and oil booms. Both Zund and Forsstrom are privately owned businesses and this means they can place high emphasis on performance, quality and safety issues; factors which continue to contribute to both companies’ success today.

Giddings continues, “Few other specialist welding companies offer as much choice as Forsstrom. For them, like us, the quality standards, speed and safety is prevalent in all of their machines. What they have done is create a range that will suit your business needs; so depending on the size of your organisation, how much you need to put through the machine, the types of materials you are working with and the degree of automation you are looking for will determine which machine is best for you. All of these products with full information will be available on our website from mid-November.”

High Frequency welding offers a solution that is different to sewing, gluing, wedge or hot air welding in so much as it will weld almost any material you throw at it quicker, stronger and with no environmental issues. HF is faster than traditional methods and produces a more durable and more uniform weld. It also produces a much stronger weld than glue, which is important because burst seams can cause glued billboards to fall down in strong winds, resulting in personal injury. In addition, HF welding does not discharge any gases and consumes less energy, which is better for the environment and of course saves money.

When compared with sewing, HF welding really does take the lead. Materials joined with a sewing machine are neither air-tight nor waterproof, which are often mandatory requirements for products like tents or products that are designed to be filled with air or water. When a sewn joint is stressed, the load is put on the thread holding the joined material together. However, when an HF-welded seam is stressed, the load is absorbed by the material surfaces, which of course means that the HF-welded seam is stronger. Furthermore, the seam created with HF can be welded in a manner that provides a uniform transition without splices between the joined materials. There is no space through which dirt, moisture or bacteria can penetrate and impair the product’s strength and durability.

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