Fujifilm completes marathon of sales for Wunderbar framing system

Fujfilm Wunderbar

Fujifilm has now sold 26 miles of Wunderbars, its revolutionary framing system for canvas prints.  Since the launch of the framing solution in 2009,  Wunderbars have become a firm favourite with both retailers and photographers who appreciate the unique self-tensioning corner blocks that ensure the canvas never sags and that the print always remains taught. This exclusive system also allows the frame to contract and expand according to a room's temperature and humidity.

These self-tensioning canvas bars are available direct from Fujifilm via the company's on-line shop - www.fujifilm-inkjet.co.uk - and to celebrate the completion of their first marathon they are now available with a 10% reduction off list price. Simply enter the promotion code 'wunder26m' in the checkout. This code will allow two purchases per customer and is valid until 18 December 2011.

Wunderbars are even easier to construct than standard stretchers. They are precision machined so there is no need to measure or constantly hit the frame with a mallet during stretching; the frame will always remain square. The only tool needed to stretch the canvas is a staple gun, eliminating the need for mallet, pullers or expensive stretching machinery.

Wunderbars are available in a number of different sizes and finishes so for more information go to www.wunderbars.com