08 Dec 2021

Go Cre8 speeds up print finishing with Zünd PN L-2500

Go Cre8 speeds up finishing processes with game-changing Zünd cutter installation.

Liverpool-based Go Cre8 recently purchased a Zünd cutter to improve efficiency in its finishing processes.

The company - which was previously doing all its finishing by hand - says that the new machine has been a ‘game-changer' for both quality and production efficiency.

The second-user Zünd PN L-2500 precision cutting table was installed in October 2018 by Zünd UK and works seamlessly in conjunction with Go Cre8's range of HP Latex and Oce Arizona printers via the Onyx Thrive RIP software.

Founded in 2003 and now employing seven full-time staff, Go Cre8 is a multidisciplinary design and print company providing professional services to a diverse customer base, from small businesses, bars and restaurants through to large building developers and hotels.

On the selection of the Zünd cutter, Darryn Kennerley, of Go Cre8 explains: "We considered a lot of different finishing machines, looking at flexibility, ease of use for operators and how they would fit within our current workflow. Zünd being the industry standard machine for our application made it the obvious choice."

On the improvements made since the installation of the Zünd cutter, Darryn adds: "The turnaround time and the final quality of print and cut items has massively improved. About 70% of our production is now finished on the Zünd - from small format labels, to print cut and polished acrylic signs. Now we've reduced finishing times for most items, we're looking at other markets - such as packaging - which we'd previously outsourced.

"We would definitely recommend Zünd cutters to other print businesses. They work seamlessly with most RIPs to form part of an effective print and cut workflow and are very adaptable, allowing us to easily swap between substrates."

ZUND L 2500 cv

Nicki Kay, managing director of Zünd UK, adds: "Zünd systems are renowned for their cutting-edge design, quality and flexibility and our second-user machines provide an excellent way for businesses to gain the benefits offered by our industry-leading machines.

"Zünd cutting systems are affordable for all manner of PSPs and enable them to transform their finishing processes, ultimately speeding up the whole production process. The reliability, longevity and modularity of the systems ensure that any investment in Zünd technology is an investment well made."

Zünd's range of precision cutting systems offer the ideal solution for boosting production by clearing bottlenecks caused by faster printing technology. All Zünd digital cutting tables have a modular construction to allow users to choose the exact configuration to meet their initial needs and adapt the machine as those requirements change. Modules can all be fitted, removed or upgraded at any time, further future-proofing the systems' robust build.

For more information on Go Cre8, please visit www.gocre8.co.uk