GPT appointed sole UK distributor of Lamidesk solutions

Gpt Lamidesk

Graphics Printing Technologies (GPT) has been appointed as the sole UK distributor for the new LamiDesk range of industrial Flatbed lamination applicator machines. 

The LamiDesk range delivers robust, reliable, low cost, low maintenance, and high quality flatbed lamination, with its intelligent designed to handle growing volumes.   Sizes of 1.6m width by 3.5m and 4.5m length (LamiDesk 3016 & 4016), the options allow users to create the machine to suit their requirements.  Options include uniquely an electrically driven roller to transit the bed (with footswitch control), LED bed illumination, and clear over-cutting mat.

Commercial print providers are under pressure to deliver increasing volumes of high quality flat sheet laminated materials, while increasing productivity and reducing operational costs.  LamiDesk addresses these market challenges.  Owners can choose to either run lamination automatically with its unique motor drive and foot control to make it a true single person operation, or manually, at just the touch of a button. With the lack of a cumbersome “over table” gantry like some of the others out there, the ease and speed of use is one of its key benefits.

Stuart Cole at GPT says, “We are extremely impressed with the superior construction, quality, reliability, and cost point of this new commercial flatbed laminator. With the improved productivity offered by the inbuilt motor feature of LamiDesk, our customers will be able to easily handle growing volumes of lamination and short turnaround times while meeting business growth goals.”

He continues, “This is a market that has traditionally been dominated by one or two major players. However, we believe the LamiDesk offers some unique benefits, build quality and value for money. They are the perfect accompaniment to our extensive range of printers and we invite people to come and see the machine in action at Sign and Digital UK.”

The products are available in the UK exclusively from GPT. Prices start from £7,995 for the LamiDesk Easy 3016. Other models in the range including the LamiDesk Easy 4016, LamiDesk Power 3016 and the LamiDesk Power 4016.

GPT will demonstrate LamiDesk’s unique capabilities with the LamiDesk Power 3016 at Stand E12, Sign UK from April 30-May 2, 2013.