Innovative tape dispenser equipped DYSS X9 now available for demonstration

The latest addition to the DYSS portfolio, the X9, is now available to view in a 10'x'5 conveyorised format.

AG/CAD’s equipment showroom has been further enhanced and now includes a comprehensive range of DYSS digital cutter models and configurations for demonstration.

Conveyorised bed and static bed cutters in a variety of sizes are available to be put through their paces along with fully functioning sheet and roll feeder systems plus a huge range of tooling. The latest addition to the DYSS portfolio, the X9, is now available to view in a 10'x'5 conveyorised format.

The X9 range has the same functionality and tooling as the well-proven X7 range, but has been designed for applications where cutting production time is all important. AG/CAD says that the new model comes with an “innovative and revolutionary” motion control system that gives ultimate power and performance, while retaining accuracy on fine detail.

One of the innovative new tools available for demonstration is an automatic tape applicator. A number of scenarios require double sided tape to be laid onto sheet or roll materials to allow for later assembly or fixing. Traditionally this would be a manual and time-consuming task, and one that is subject to the inconsistencies typical of manual positioning. The automatic tape applicator makes light work of this task and taping can be performed at the same time as other processes such as cutting and creasing, for ready-to-assemble displays for example.

The tape applicator is capable of placing and cutting a range of double sided tapes up to 25mm width and in up to 100m rolls (depending on thickness). 3M, Tesa, etc. solid and foam tapes with varying levels of adhesive strength are all compatible.

When fitted to a ComboHead DYSS machine, as on show on the X9 in AG/CAD's demonstration suite, the tape applicator tool can be easily swapped over to other specialised tools including a high precision milling router, or a high power creasing tool for tough heavy duty corrugated boards. This helps make the machines even more future-proof and flexible, with further specialised tools able to fit as they are developed.

AG/CAD always has a wide range of demonstration materials available, but potential customers are encouraged to bring their own materials and even live jobs along to see how well the cutters perform on real world tasks.

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