10 Aug 2022

Minprint chooses EFI VUTEk Hybrid LED printer to meet expanding market demands

UTEk printer allows innovative print provider to be more creative and push the boundaries of traditional print

Electronics For Imaging announced the installation of the EFI VUTEk GS3250LX Pro LED inkjet printer at Minprint, located in Belfast, Northern Ireland.

Minprint purchased the 3.2-metre hybrid roll/flatbed printer to keep up with the growing demand for large-format applications. The ability to produce high-quality output at production speeds was a deciding factor in choosing EFI.

"The EFI VUTEk GS3250LX represents best-in-class machinery to meet the demands of an expanding market. We have seen an increase in customer demand for large format products, such as signage, vehicle wraps, customised wall art and exhibition materials. The speed of this printer enables us to print more economically and meet the customer requirements quickly and effectively," said Minprint's managing director, Jamie McMinnis.

In business for 40 years with 50 employees, Minprint provides bespoke design, and print and display solutions to small and medium-sized businesses throughout Ireland and the UK. The company serves a wide variety of markets, including construction, hospitality, retail, insurance, medical, manufacturing and defence.

According to McMinnis, "The VUTEk LED printer enables us to print a wider range of substrates like acrylic, wood, mirrors, building wraps, ceramic tiles and textiles. This allows us to be more creative and push the boundaries of traditional print." Another benefit, McMinnis emphasised, "is that the eco-friendly technology helps us minimise our impact on the environment."

The new VUTEk printer will allow Minprint to develop the point of sale and printed interior decor markets. "This printer offered us the quality, versatility, efficiency and build quality we required," said McMinnis.

Minprint uses an EFI Fiery proServer digital front end (DFE) with its printer, and McMinnis cited EFI's DFE and RIP expertise, along with its global support and experience in the LED production printing, as reasons for selecting the EFI printer.


Integrated automation in print and cross-media marketing

McMinnis also is a long-time user of Shuttleworth MIS software, which plays an integral role of Minprint's business. According to McMinnis, the MIS capabilities available to Minprint through EFI's 2015 acquisition of Shuttleworth put his company in an even better place.

As part of its comprehensive services offering, Minprint also produces multimedia campaigns and promotional products, using EFI DirectSmile Cross Media software to provide clients a full end-to-end solution. "We integrate it with print campaigns, use it to drive variable data to digital presses, and even to develop backend systems to allow our clients to generate revenue from personalised portals with integrated publications," according to McMinnis.

The Minprint director has big plans to grow further with multimedia marketing and digital printing using EFI technologies. "Integrations with EFI Fiery RIP technology and DirectSmile, along with other components from EFI like scheduling, will make our workflow even smoother in future," McMinnis said. "We are investing in state-of-the-art equipment to offer our customers new products, materials and services."