Mutoh launches Kona Apparel

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Cutting plotter and large format piezo inkjet printer manufacturer Mutoh Belgium nv announces availability of a new series of garment pattern marking / cutting plotters, called Kona Apparel.  Specifically developed for the garment industry, Mutoh’s Kona Apparel series are high speed professional output devices for use with apparel CAD systems.    Available in two models - Kona Apparel 1400 (cutting width 1365 mm / 53.7”) and Kona Apparel 1650 (cutting width of 1615 mm / 63.6”) - this new plotter series will ensure accurate long-length plotting of marker lines on design templates and cutting of garment patterns.

The new Kona Apparel series integrates an innovative set of application and comfort features specifically meeting the needs of today’s garment professionals in starting or established businesses.

The Kona Apparel tool head offers a dual functionality.  Two different tools (knife holder & pressurised ball point pen) can be loaded simultaneously. Switching between plotting (marking) and cutting is possible without any operator intervention.  A sheet-off system with four-sided cutting blade is also integrated in the machine.
A full-colour multi-language 3.5” LCD touch screen enables the user to change settings in a trice.  Up to 8 sets of user-specified tool setup parameters (speed, force, ...) can be retained in memory of the plotter, for quick recall, in function of different media types that are used.

A high-precision grit axis ensures reliable long-length output as typically required by garment professionals.   Repositionable pressure rollers with adjustable pressure ensure accurate feeding of a wide range of apparel papers, from 80 g/m² to 225 g/m².

Made in Belgium, the Kona Apparel machines are built cost-effectively thanks to advanced manufacturing techniques.  As an example, the entire frame of the Kona Apparel is robot-welded, a technique which is also used in the car manufacturing industry.

The loadable media width on a Kona Apparel 1400 amounts to 1640 mm / 64.5”.  Kona Apparel 1650 accepts media widths up to 1890 mm / 74.4”.   Off-cuts down to 104 mm (4”) can be accommodated.   The cutting force is stepwise adjustable from 20 – 450 g to guarantee optimum marking / cutting results on the widest range of materials.   Cutting/marking speed goes up to 1000 mm/s, at a maximum acceleration of 2.5 G (24.5 m/s²).  Media thicknesses up to 0.5 mm can be loaded.

Competitively priced and offered with a two years’ warranty, Mutoh’s Kona Apparel series plotters include a stand on wheels, a media basket and media support rollers for media rolls up to 30 kg.  The plotters are compatible with Windows, Mac and Linux computer platforms.

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