17 Oct 2021

New Blackman & White cutter to deliver safety & productivity

Blackman & White is heralding a step-change in cutting machine technology with the release of its Genesis-Z.

Launched today at the FESPA Global Print Expo in Munich, Blackman & White will be demonstrating how its latest cutting machine has moved the industry forward in terms of offering uncompromising safety and increased productivity.

It has been developed by the technical team that delivered the globally trusted Genesis range and offers all the high quality components that characterise the Blackman & White cutting experience, including multi-tool functionality with modular LASER, ROUTER and KNIFE cutting on one bed as standard, available on either a conveyorised or flatbed table.

New Enhanced features include:

Virtual Fence is an industry first; a dual zone machine safety proximity sensor that will automatically slow and then pause the machine if anyone or anything gets too close. It then re-starts the cut job exactly where it left off, protecting the welfare of staff and assuring uninterrupted production, without the restrictions of e-stops, pressure mats and light guards.

ViZeo is Blackman & White’s revolutionary registration mark recognition technology that facilitates fast graphic and file reading and faster cutting, with exceptional accuracy. Boasting one-pass registration mark scanning system, no longer will cut speeds be restricted by ‘one at a time’ reg dot or low-resolution error-prone reg reading. ViZeo reads all the dots in high resolution from the moving gantry, so pre-production cutting time is dramatically reduced.

Genesis-Z is part of the Genesis family of cutting machines and exhibits the same great benefits, including the interchangeable laser, router and knife tooling twinned with the Patented Laser Bed Technology that can be used on the conveyorised or flatbed machine platforms.

Software - The Genesis-Z is driven by Blackman & White’s intuitive and powerful in-house software that provides a productive and user-friendly experience, ensuring the most demanding requirements of the end user are met - faster and more accurately than ever.

Alex White, Blackman & White Managing Director, commented: “The Genesis-Z represents a step-change in the cutting machine market. We have introduced a number of pioneering technologies and I am very proud of our technical development team who help Blackman & White create technology that delivers significant cost savings and quality improvement for our customers.

“At Blackman & White we pride ourselves on continuous feature improvements and add-ons, and the Genesis-Z is the Genesis-V taken to the next level. Encompassing added features and powerful next generation software developed by our in-house team, this enables higher speed and operator user-friendliness, plus additional safety features. It also has a new registration mark reading system for significant production speed improvements.”

The higher spec Genesis-Z will be sold alongside the hugely popular Genesis-V as part of the British cutting machine manufacturers broad product range, including the Orion (entry level flatbed passive tooling cutter) and Master Cut, which is the heavy-duty bespoke system.

The Genesis-Z will also be displayed alongside the Automated Unwind unit on Stand B5-F12 that is ideal for high volume textile applications and is compatible with both the Genesis-Z and Genesis-V machines for optimal textile processing.