25 Jan 2022

New Gerber M Turbo Router Unveiled at SGIA

Gerber M Turbo


Gerber Scientific Products unveiled its new M Turbo high-powered cutter/router at the recent trade show in SGIA New Orleans.

The M Turbo is a new and more powerful version of the reliable M 3000 cutting system, part of Gerber's M Series of flatbed finishing tables. The M Turbo has the same proven features as the rest of the M Series machines, but offers a stronger, faster one kilowatt router. Visitors to the Gerber booth at the recent PRINT 09 Chicago show and the 2009 SGIA Expo in New Orleans were surprised by the new capabilities offered with the new M Turbo.

"We are very pleased with the response the new Gerber M Turbo received at the shows. Graphic industry veterans know what a great asset the higher-powered one kilowatt router can be for their business, since it allows them to perform a wider variety of jobs and perform them faster, especially the ability to rout metal," said Steve Albert, senior strategic accounts manager, Gerber.

Another attractive feature of the M Turbo is its reasonably priced turnkey system. "Show attendees were pleased to learn the M Turbo is priced lower than comparable systems. The attractive price of the M Turbo includes everything needed to get started. Instead of pricing the way competitors do, advertising a base price that includes only the table and then up-selling the customer for all the other elements they need, Gerber gives one price point for the entire, ready-to-use system," said Albert.

The Gerber M Turbo's turnkey system includes the cutting table, modular cutting head, M Vision optical registration system for print-to cut applications, OMEGA software, a PC, reciprocating and tangential knife tools, the 1 kw electric router tool, a starter kit of knife blades and router bits and even a one year comprehensive warranty. It's the perfect system for any business in the industry who wants a powerful router at a great price.