New micro-squeegees added to Avery Tools range

Avery Flextreme

One of the perennial problems facing self-adhesive graphics applicators, particularly on motor vehicles, is answered by innovative additions to the professional Avery Tools™ range from Avery Dennison:  Avery FleXtreme™ ‘micro-squeegees’.   They enable applicators to achieve a smooth finish around what may look like impossibly tight or intricate curves and corrugations.

Avery FleXtreme tools

Patent-pending Avery FleXtreme squeegees have been specifically designed for intricate vinyl graphics applications featuring very tight, compressed compound curves and other narrow substrate indentations.  They make it possible to smoothly push film down into the narrowest gaps – even between car panels and under the headlights.    Developed by Avery Dennison in close co-operation with the company’s professional applicator network across Europe, the new Avery FleXtreme squeegees have been extensively validated and tested.   

Two versions for different challenges

Supplied in a specially-designed plastic grip that fits easily into the Avery Toolbelt, the products are available in two logo-branded versions, in blue and red colourways to differentiate between a harder (blue) version and a more flexible (red) squeegee.

The blue Avery FleXtreme is designed to facilitate film application in areas of narrow curves and over the edges of car panels, and to ensure that the film conforms appropriately around the edges of logos and emblems, to create an aesthetically-satisfying application.  The red Avery FleXtreme is the right choice for film application over narrow, concave parts of a car, such as the grille, around the headlights, and the weatherseals around doors and windows.

Avery FleXtreme squeegees bring a new dimension to the art of squeegeeing, saving time and delivering an improved finish.  Full details are available via, and Avery FleXtreme squeegees – in boxes of 25 per quality – are available from Avery Dennison Graphics and Reflective Solutions distributors throughout Europe.