Qwerty buys Zund G3 flatbed to ease finishing bottleneck

Gary Waters Pic

Qwerty Ltd, a leading supplier of point of sale materials to the FMCG marketplace, has purchased a Zünd G3 flatbed to help drive its business forward.  Originally formed in 1986, Qwerty has grown from a husband and wife team into a multi-disciplined business employing 10 in-house designers at its premises in Theale, Berkshire. 

Over the last four years, Qwerty has increasingly moved away from litho presses and has made a significant investment in digital and large format printers.  The new Zünd G3 enables Qwerty to bring all print finishing in-house thus ensuring the quality and speed of work.  As Gary Waters, Director of Qwerty explains, “When we installed our first large format printer, we created a bottleneck in production in the finishing of the product.  Our options were to cut and finish by hand or to send the product to an outside finisher.  The Zünd G3 has enabled us to release the bottleneck and has increased our productivity.  The time taken finishing each job has been reduced and our staff have been freed up to complete other tasks.  We have made savings in overtime costs as well as production costs.”

Another benefit of bringing print finishing in-house is the flexibility it provides to the whole Qwerty team.  Qwerty produces a lot of mock ups and short-run, quick turnaround items and the Zünd G3 has made the team of in-house designers able to feel more confident in being adventurous and pushing the boundaries of print for Qwerty’s clients. 

Qwerty’s Zünd G3 kit also includes the CTT1 Creasing Wheel, the CTT2 Creasing set and the POT40va Pneumatic oscillating tool.  This turns the Zünd G3 into an extremely flexible machine able to cut crease and score a multitude of materials.  So far it has proved useful in a wide range of scenarios including digital and litho work, signage, point of sale, cardboard engineering and bespoke boxes for kitting jobs.  Qwerty is also confident that it can add further functionality to the Zünd as and when required in the future.

When making the decision to purchase the Zünd G3 cutter, a number of factors were taken into consideration.

Waters adds, “We looked at the whole range of digital cutters and our decision to purchase the Zund was based upon more than just Zünd’s superior productivity levels.  We also considered the ease of use of the software application for our team of in-house designers and the Zünd software was outstanding.”

Qwerty is looking forward to a very exciting future. Investment in digital processes has allowed the company to be at the forefront of technology and able to meet customer demands for speed and quality.  Qwerty’s new Zünd G3 cutter means that all work can be planned, designed and produced in-house to the highest standard.

Sales Director of Zünd UK, Peter Giddings comments, “Qwerty Ltd is the perfect example of why the Zünd G3 is a market leader in digital cutting solutions. The flexibility of the cutting module system means that they can employ a wide range of cutting and finishing solutions in one machine, with one footprint and one software workflow.”

[photo shows Gary Waters, MD of Qwerty Ltd]