Solent introduces two new finishing solutions for textiles

Solent Impulse

Solent Sewing & Welding has introduced two new solutions for finishing digital textiles that provide a high quality result quickly, consistently and efficiently.

Texsew Pro

Texsew Pro has been specially modified in Solent's Portsmouth workshop to provide the ideal low budget solution for finishing non-weldable textiles. It is a high performance, versatile, lockstitch sewing machine for textiles as well as hems and pockets on banners at speeds up to 20 metres per minute. 

Texsew Pro is also ideal for sewing the latex strip on digitally printed fabrics which are to be used in a frame system.  Special feet and guides are also supplied and the machine has a maximum sewing speed of 5,500spm.

Other features include:

  • Integrated DC motor with excellent speed control.
  • Reduced energy consumption. Central lubrication (no oil sump).
  • Auto thread trimmer, footlift and start and end tack.
  • Rotary hook. Standard sewing foot.
  • Complete on stand with castors and table top.

Miller Weldmaster's Impulse Extreme™

Impulse technology with the use of Extreme Seam Tape™ welds overlap joins, hems and pockets on PVC, PE, acrylic and digital textiles along with many others. It also creates the strongest awnings, shade coverings, and marine product seams in the industry.

  • As well as welding acrylic to clear PVC, the Impulse Extreme can weld longer than the throat of the machine allowing you to easily weld wide format materials
  • Incorporating effective thermo impulse sealing technology with precision controlled welding parameters, it creates the best looking and strongest seams - the material will tear before the weld does!
  • Ergonomically designed for easy use and 1 person operation to improve efficiency.
  • This simplistic design applies pressure and pulses heat to the seam area throughout the heating element, holds the seam area under pressure while allowing the seam area to cool through a liquid cooled process and then releases, allowing the operator to move on to the next seam area.
  • Operation is made simple with the front fabric trough, rear table and alignment guides and the user-friendly touch screen allows settings to be stored for your most commonly used fabrics.
  • The optional auto or semi-auto pocket folding device means a perfect pocket every time
  • Weld lengths available are 3m and 5m, however, the machine has open ends so is not restricted by the weld length.

Solent provides a comprehensive range of finishing solutions for the wide format printer including the market leading Miller Weldmaster range of heat welders for the higher volume banner printer and Bannersew, a new low cost / high speed solution for sewing banners.

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[photo shows Miller Weldmaster's Impulse Extreme]