Stylo install new Zünd G3 cutter for maximum productivity

Zund G3

With several awards for enterprise and innovation, Stylo’s creative professionals are continually searching for new and dynamic solutions to everyday sign and display needs. Stylo was founded by existing MD Simon Olley over 20 years ago and from humble beginnings, has now grown into one of the biggest large format print service providers in the UK. Already the proud owners of a Zünd XL flatbed cutter for well over seven years, when the new G3 cutter/router was launched they knew they had to have one.

The Zünd G3 was installed in Dec 2009 alongside the existing XL model. Operations Director Simon Wheeler explained the thought process behind choosing the Zünd G3, “We looked at other cutting beds but decided our experience with the XL had been good and whilst there were other cutting beds in the market, the package offered by Zünd UK included not only the cutter, but levels of service both in terms of sales and future maintenance that were very good and this helped make our decision very easy in the end.”

Hailed as a “new generation of cutters”, the Zünd G3 automates all cutting and trimming functions – manual cutting is reduced to an absolute minimum which removes the potential for mistakes, improves efficiency and reduces waste and cost. It comes with an optimized workflow and will cut materials up to 50mm thick. Designed by award winning industrial designer Richar Amiel, the Zünd G3 is a heavy-duty machine built for a 24/7 workload whilst maintaining accuracy and exceptional quality.

“In developing G3, our primary focus was productivity”, explains Maurus Zeller, Zünd Product Manager. “Productivity means more than just machine speed. This is truly the most multifunctional system on the market. Equally well suited for cutting, creasing, scoring or routing simple shapes or complex contours, the new G3 is perfect for almost any job, consistently delivering maximum quality and throughput.”

And true to form, Stylo use their Zünd G3 to cut and route everything you can imagine; from paper posters to 19mm foam PVC. One of their most recent projects involved cutting a 15mm Digital ply with an image on to be used as a hoarding.

Simon continues; “The router Is a serious part of the cutter and enables us to produce cut outs to shape from 12mm Perspex and the quality is so good, there is no need to do anything further with the edge by way of finishing as it’s already finished!”

Stylo specialises in offering a complete service from design through to production and installation of large format graphics. Whilst they offer design and print services to many companies and markets including creative agencies, exhibition builders, office fit outs & corporate launches, it is the retail sector that they champion themselves – excelling in producing static, three dimensional and even animated displays to companies such as TK Maxx, Vodafone, Austin Reed and Muji amongst many others.

The Zünd G3 finishes a number of products including direct to media print, traditional mount and seal products as well as dye-sublimation prints.

Simon concludes; “We are very optimistic about the next 12 months and certainly we have retained a good level of work in the previous twelve months and don’t see this changing in the near future. We are mindful that influences outside our control could make the next twelve months even more challenging, and we are always looking at ways to improve our production and make ourselves as efficient as possible, hence investing now in the right equipment to be able to take us through this next stage. The dynamism and enthusiasm for breaking moulds and pushing boundaries at Stylo is instilled right through the company in every department and is actively encouraged – we like to think that some of this rubs off on our clients so they keep coming back for even more!

About the Zund G3:

  • The new G3 is freely accessible from all sides.
  • The workstation provides secure storage for modules or tools that are not in use.
  • A new V-Cut tool can be used to cut rigid materials up 16 mm (5/8 in.) thick at various angles from 0° to 45°. This makes it possible to create 3-dimensional displays from materials such as Kapa, Egafix, and similar dense sandwich board or honeycomb materials.
  • A high-resolution ICC camera attaches to the tool carriage and can be freely combined with any and all tools and modules. This option is indispensible for applications that require efficiently and accurately matching cut to print.
  • Zünd’s high quality standards for G3 are also reflected in the unprecedented 2-year warranty that comes with the base G3 machine, something no other manufacturer to date is willing to offer.
  • G3 is fully compatible with many widely available CAD and packaging programs.

About Zünd UK:

  • The Zünd name is synonymous with the words quality, performance and reliability.
  • Established in 1993, Zünd UK has rapidly become one of the industry leaders in the supply and service of precision cutting systems. Industries such as Graphics, Sign & Display, Galleries, Textile, Aviation, Motorsport, Membrane Switch, Packaging, Retail, Interior Design, Outdoor advertising etc…have all benefited from the introduction of our systems.
  • Situated to the North of London and close to the M1 / M25 motorway network is Zünd UK's sales and service centre offering a full pre- and after sales service. Zünd UK as a company is renowned for its’ excellent customer service and superior engineering skills. Their headquarters have fully equipped demonstration facilities with all the latest products and accessories from the Zünd portfolio.


For more information on Zünd UK, call 01727 833003

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