Welwyn Tool Group brings HEMTEK ST table-top welding machine to the UK


Developed by Leister and brought to the UK by Welwyn Tool Group, the HEMTEK ST is a new and innovative table top hem welding machine. One of the most significant advantages it brings to banner and sign manufacturers is its high production efficiency, as it can complete the whole welding process from the beginning to the end at speeds of up to 12m per minute.

It also increases efficiency by accommodating three different types of welding applications. The single guide on the machine is able to produce a fully welded hem (closed) in 20, 30 and 40mm widths; an open hem (up to 100mm); and with keder / rope and pipe welding also. Previously, this required the operator to use different guides to accommodate the various applications.

Another benefit the HEMTEK ST brings to banner manufacturing is the ease in which the machine is operated, being incredibly simple to set up. Easily mounted to a table top, once it is fixed into place using the secure quick clamp mechanism, it is ready to go. No setting up guides or fixing hot air hand tools into place.

The machine is controlled by a single foot pedal which as a result frees both of the operator’s hands to guide the material through. Other welding machines require a greater degree of skill and accuracy from the operator, and as a result increasing the chance of mis-aligned seams or poor quality hem edges. The HEMTEK ST ensures high quality, consistent hem welding every time.