Vipline rolls out the Vroller Flatbed Laminator

Vroller Flatbed Laminator.

Formed in 2004, Vipline is a leading print service provider, specialising in wide format printing, illuminated signage and providing a range of products and services to advertisers and designers.

Vipline quickly established a good reputation in its home country of Estonia, based on its commitment to using the highest quality equipment and its dedicated, hardworking team.

Having identified a demand for specialist finishing applications that the market could not fulfil with existing machines, Vipline decided to create its own solution. The VROLLER has been developed using high quality components sourced from world-leading brands. It is designed to be a long lasting machine made from high hardness tool steel with 5mm and 3mm thickness, which provides a reliable and stable structure for the applicator main frame.

The moving head linear rail system is made from parts supplied by the Schaeffler Group, a German manufacturer of rolling elements and bearings since 1880 for automotive, aerospace and industrial use who also supply components to Formula 1 manufacturers and for the NASA Space Shuttle. The linear rail system uses only 5% of its capacity for weight on the VROLLER so it can comfortably cope with any product for the print industry. This also helps the machine to be long lasting and ensures that the head is always straight and does not need regular calibration.

The pneumatic system, which lifts and lowers the main roll is made by the SMC Pneumatics Corporation of Japan. Since 1956, this world leading company has specialised in pneumatics and its products can be used with any type of compressors. All other components have been chosen because of their proven high-quality and robustness.


The roll is covered with high density vulcanized rubber (50 sha) and the table can be covered either with 22mm HDF board or 10mm tempered glass (with LED illumination). Both of these materials can easily hold materials up to 500kg and the high-density rubber cutting mat will work for a minimum of 5 years. Every element has been selected to meet VROLLER'S core philosophy to deliver a reliable, long-lasting machine.

VROLLER has established a worldwide distribution channel for the product. More information is available at

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