Zünd cutting-edge credentials shown at Advanced Engineering

Zünd UK successfully demonstrates cutting-edge credentials at Advanced Engineering show.

Zünd UK recently attended the Advanced Engineering show at NEC Birmingham (31st October and 1st November 2018) and successfully demonstrated how its precision cutting systems can increase productivity and flexibility and maximise profits for customers across a wide variety of business sectors.

The premier trade event for engineers, designers and manufacturers across a variety of markets, Advanced Engineering co-locates a number of shows under one roof, introducing parallel and related manufacturing sectors to new business and technology opportunities. Businesses can meet and network with fellow OEMs and supply chain professionals eager to see the latest technologies and solutions in numerous sectors including aero engineering, automotive engineering, composites engineering, connected manufacturing, performance metals engineering, and UK contract manufacturing.

At the 10th anniversary edition of the largest annual event in the UK engineering calendar, Zünd UK highlighted its very latest innovations to 600+ supply chain exhibitors and ran live demonstrations on its G3 digital cutting table. Featuring market-leading automation, the Zünd G3 can process carbon fibre, glass fibre, foams, textiles and a host of other materials up to 110mm thick.

In particular, Zünd UK showcased:

• The cutting and marking of pre-preg carbon fibre components for composite manufacturing applications such as aerospace and motorsport.

• The inkjet printing of part numbers, use-by dates, barcodes and logos - fully supported by Zünd Cut Center (ZCC) software.

• The simulated projection of cut parts onto cutting table or TV monitor, for easier identification and picking.

• Zünd's fast and efficient nesting software combined with ZCC software to highlight material savings with better yield (nesting), user-friendliness and scheduling abilities of ZCC, all in the aid of increasing productivity, reducing waste and eliminating errors at this stage of the manufacturing process.

Modular by design, Zünd's G3, D3 and S3 cutters can be configured to meet an exceptionally wide range of cutting requirements, and the standardised and open interfaces allow for integration in any production workflow. ZCC software is compatible with a broad range of file formats and can be integrated with other software platforms.

This combination of the latest tools, material handling systems and Swiss engineering has been shown to significantly reduce production time and materials wastage, increase workflow efficiencies, reduce downtime, and enable users to diversify with new applications.

Dean Ashworth, the Sales and Marketing Manager from Zünd UK commented: "Thanks to the modularity of the Zünd building-block design, Zünd can configure every cutting system to meet very specific requirements. Zünd cutters are the perfect solution wherever there is a demand for unsurpassed precision, productivity and profitability.

"The materials and products that can be cut, processed and produced on a Zünd cutting system are extensive and diverse - from the cutting of leather upholstery used in the most prestigious car brands through to the cutting of carbon fibre for motorsport and aerospace parts."