Zünd D3 Cutter sets a new standard in productivity

The new Zünd D3 cutting system offers superb cutting accuracy across the entire working area, maximum modularity, user-friendly operation and the capability of handling a wide spectrum of materials.

With the D3 cutter, Zünd brings to market a new, dual-beam system for high volume, industrial applications.

Together with Zünd Cut Center – ZCC, the new cutter is part of a complete cutting/finishing solution that offers the ultimate in performance and productivity – from prepress to final product. Depending on job characteristics and cut contours, the new Zünd D3 is capable of doubling the throughput.

The new Zünd D3 cutting system is largely based on the proven technology of the G3 series. This means superb cutting accuracy across the entire working area, maximum modularity, and user-friendly operation. Furthermore, D3 is capable of handling an equally wide spectrum of materials. Because of its extraordinary flexibility, D3 is the ideal solution for mass customisation and consequently perfect for meeting the requirements of Industry 4.0.

The significant gains in productivity made possible with D3 are primarily due to the series' dual-beam construction: twin beams operating independently and simultaneously in one efficient production workflow, with each beam carrying up to three different tool modules. Depending on the specifics of the job, this can result in twice the throughput of the single-beam system. The precision of the system's direct drive, combined with state-of-the-art software and controllers, guarantee the highest levels of productivity and profitability. The D3 cutter integrates seamlessly in any existing production environment and brings with it a clear competitive advantage in markets that demand the ultimate in terms of performance.

To meet a variety of production needs, D3 cutting systems available in 4 different sizes ranging from the D3 L-3200 with a working area of 1800 x 3200 mm / 71 in x 126 in to the D3 3XL-3200 with a working area of 3210 x 3200 mm / 126 in x 126 in.

Consistent with Zünd's modular design concept, D3 cutters can be adapted any time to meet changing cutting requirements. New tools, modules or automated load/off-load devices can easily be added to an existing configuration. The D3 system, therefore, not only represents considerable net gains in productivity
but a safe investment in the future with exceptional value retention.

Zünd Cut Center – ZCC completes the D3 cutting system. With a flawless, end-to-end digital production workflow, the system delivers unrivaled productivity and performance, making it a perfect match for high-volume industrial production environments.

"Our digital cutting solutions contribute significantly to overall productivity increases; however, just as importantly, the trend towards automation involving different phases of production also demands seamless data flow. By combining the new Zünd D3 ultra high-performance cutter with Zünd Cut Center – ZCC software, we can offer obvious added value to customers looking to make their production both more efficient and more profitable" says Lars Bendixen, Product Manager Graphics.