Zünd: Latest developments at Viscom Düsseldorf

Zund G3

From October 1 to 3, at Hall 8b, Booth G80 at Viscom Dusseldorf, visitors will have an opportunity to see the Zünd G3 cutter in new and interesting configurations.

Showing for the first time is the semi-automated production option on a G3 M-1600. With a built-in guide to facilitate accurate placement of sheets or boards, this setup turns the G3 high-performance cutter into a non-stop production machine. The operator becomes available to work a second machine or perform other tasks.

In addition, Zünd will be demonstrating the latest version of the V-cut tool. This cutting device makes it possible to create three-dimensional designs from rigid materials folded along v-grooves cut at up to 5 different angles. Set up for another live demonstration is a Zünd M-800 equipped with feeder for fully automated processing of sheeted materials. In this configuration, the Zünd cutter becomes a standalone production system.