20 Apr 2021

Zünd to unveil new Board Handling System at FESPA Digital

Zund Table

The fundamental advantages of digital cutting are well known by now. The elimination of traditional dies saves production time and costs as well as space, since digital dies require no physical storage. The digital cutting process also makes it possible to create far more complex contours and permits even last-minute changes. In addition, tighter registration capabilities allow for printing larger sheets, and setup for digital cutting requires very little time. However, the one apparent bottleneck in the whole process up until now has been the manual feeding and sorting at either end of the production cycle. Zünd has now addressed this issue to make digital flatbed cutting even more efficient and fully automated digital cutting.

Fully automated feeding, cutting and stacking of boards up to 2x3m will occupy a large part of Zünd ‘s162m2 stand (B20, Hall A1) at FESPA Digital exhibition in Hamburg on the 24th – 28th of May this year.

High process reliability and automation

The new Zünd board handling system, designed for fully automated production of signage, displays, packaging, cardboard engineering and other applications, further accentuates the advantages of digital cutting. This option, typical of the Zünd cutter concept, is highly modular and can be implemented gradually. You can have fully automatice feeding and unloading, semi-automatic or manual – depending on your needs and workspace.

With full automation of both the loading and unloading process, virtually no setup or operator intervention is required. And the Zünd Cut Center software, as always, ensures user-friendly system operation. All of this combines to significantly enhance productivity while limiting personnel requirements to loading and unloading pallets of stacked boards and finished product.

In developing this automated material-handling system, care was taken to not lose sight of the need for processing single boards. The accessibility and easy set-up of the system allows single orders and samples to be produced just as efficiently as the short and medium size runs. Whether for shorter or longer production runs, the innovative Zünd board-handling system is the passport to greater efficiency and new opportunities.

The fully automated production system will be presented to the public for the first time at Fespa Digital in Hamburg, Germany, Hall A1, Booth B20. A G3 3XL-1600 equipped with the new roll-off unit for cutting printed textiles and a G3 M-2500 configured for routing applications will also be on display.

Autobond celebrates best ever week with orders from eight countries

Autobond Laminator

UK laminating machine manufacturer Autobond celebrated earlier this month its most successful week since the company was formed in 1978, after winning orders from eight different countries over a seven day period. These include the first of the recently redesigned B1 landscape Mini laminators, a Mini 105 TPH, which has been purchased by a UK printer in Bristol, plus the first sale via the Heidelberg distributor in Italy, Macchingraf, for a Mini 105 THS FL. This laminator is destined for a printer in the Naples area.

The second Autobond purchase in more than 20 years by a company in Indonesia has come from a finishing house in Jakarta, for a Mini 105 TPHS, while orders have also arrived from new customers in Denmark, Wales, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and South Africa.

“Some sales take a long time to come to fruition,” says Autobond managing director John Gilmore. “As a young salesman in 1978 I demonstrated a hand-fed, hand-sheeted water-based Autobond laminator to Gareth Jones, the managing director of magazine printer Stephens & George in Methyr Tydfil, South Wales. His son Andrew, group managing director, has just placed the company’s first order with us, for a Mini 76 THS.”

The Mini 76 THS destined for Stephens & George is a single-sided thermal laminator equipped with a rising pile, back separation Heidelberg Speedmaster 74 feed head and stacker pile delivery. Production speeds can be up to 60 metres per minute. The Mini 76 THS can handle print from SRA4 up to B1 and from 90 gsm to 650 gsm in weight. In 2010 Autobond launched a redesigned range of Mini laminators that incorporate the feeder, laminator and sheeter within one side plate, which has reduced the footprint even further. The Mini 76 THS has a footprint of only 2.5m x 1.5m.

“We were spending around £100,000 annually on trade laminating but because of the volatility of the UK finishing sector we decided to install our own laminator,” says Andrew Jones. “There is no doubt in my mind that Autobond’s sheet-fed laminators provide the best value for money in the industry, with a longevity that is unrivalled.”

EskoArtwork highlights its packaging design lifecycle management solutions at Interpack 2011

Esk Packaging Lifecycle Management  Solutions

EskoArtwork will present its portfolio of integrated packaging design, pre-production, collaboration and workflow automation solutions at Interpack 2011, which takes place at the Messe Dusseldorf, Germany from 12 to 18 May, 2011.

Packaging professionals and brand owners visiting the show will get the opportunity to understand why EskoArtwork has become the worldwide market leader in packaging design lifecycle management solutions. Faster time-to-market, increased shelf impact, reduced costs and streamlined communication between all players in the packaging supply chain are just some of the competitive advantages. EskoArtwork will exhibit in Hall 7a / B28, just in front of the Innovation Parc Packaging stand.

“At Interpack 2011, we look forward to greet our global corporate customers specialized in packaging that also exhibit on the show. Besides that, we especially want to welcome the many brand owners who will be attending the show, " says Dieter Janout, Vice President Global Business Group of EskoArtwork. "Successful brand owners realize that real competitive advantages can be achieved by integrating their own product lifecycle systems with their success-critical packaging design processes. Live demonstrations of EskoArtwork’s unique packaging lifecycle management solutions will clearly illustrate why 9 out of 10 major brands have put their trust in EskoArtwork solutions.”

New ways to increase innovation, quality and speed to market

Brand owners recognize that innovation, quality and time-to-market are key success factors in achieving market leadership in the consumer market. After visiting the EskoArtwork stand they will have a much better understanding of how EskoArtwork’s integrated portfolio of packaging design and pre-production tools can help them on all three fronts. Visitors can also see firsthand how packaging design has gone 3D.

Full integration between a brand owner’s product lifecycle management system and packaging supply chain processes is what sets EskoArtwork’s solutions apart. This integration enables standardization and streamlines the entire end-to-end process – simplifying file transfers, approval processes and ensuring quality is maintained every step of the way.

Design and collaboration goes 3D

At the beginning of the process, EskoArtwork’s design tools enable packaging designers to work in a 3D environment. Creative packaging ideas are shared with clients early in the process using 3D collaboration tools. These allow them to gain feedback quickly and effectively. And because of the close integration of structural and graphic design, changes at any point in the design process can be viewed on the final structure in complete 3D. Virtual mock-ups are communicated the same way saving both time and the costs of expensive physical prototypes. All these features help to get to the right design quality faster. They reduce the development time and cost for the brand owner drastically.

Quality control: an intrinsic part of the process

A reduction of lead times for new product development means little time for additional control, double-checking and rework. EskoArtwork’s solutions make quality control an intrinsic part of the process. Workflows are streamlined and many rudimentary processes automated, reducing the risk of errors and costly rework. A consistent level of quality is delivered in the shortest amount of time enabling new products to be taken to market faster with a higher, more consistent level of quality – crucial in maintaining brand equity.

Get hands on with EskoArtwork’s solutions

A full range of EskoArtwork’s solutions will be demonstrated during Interpack. These will include tools for structural design, graphic design, virtual prototyping, real prototyping and online collaboration. The highlights of the show will be:

  • WebCenter: a 24/7 global communication, secure internet-based view and approval service that allows information to be stored centrally and shared globally.
  • Dynamic Content for Adobe® Illustrator®: links an Adobe® Illustrator® CS text object directly to a source created by the information owner and separates it from the design.
  • Studio: a plug-in for Adobe® Illustrator® that brings interactive 3D packaging design to life.
  • Studio Visualizer that creates realistic digital mock-ups including print effects such as embossing, hotfoil, metalized inks and different substrates.

Participate at the Live Packaging Development Survey !

Visitors are invited to participate in EskoArtwork’s innovative interactive survey on packaging development. Since years EskoArtwork keeps track of unique market data on packaging design, prepress and pre-production, and holds its development plans against the light of the detected trends in that area. When participating to this survey, visitors may expect interactive feedback and will be able to acquire valuable insights in the way other packaging professionals manage their proper packaging supply chain.


EskoArtwork highlights Kongsberg finishing systems at ISA 2011

Esk Kongsberg I Xp24

During the ISA International Sign Expo 2011, from April 28-30 in Las Vegas, NV, booth 3512, EskoArtwork (www.esko.com) will demonstrate a comprehensive portfolio of end-to-end workflow and digital finishing solutions. Highlights at the show include the Kongsberg i-XP 24, the Kongsberg i-XL 24, and the Kongsberg i-XE 10 Auto finishing systems, all with the new i-cut Vision Pro 7.1. Workstations will offer demonstrations of i-cut Suite, a collection of pre-production tools that streamlines the workflow for narrow format and large-format printers alike, from prepress to finished product.

i-cut Vision 7.1 software will be launched at both the EskoArtwork and the i-cut, inc. (#2415) booths during ISA.

Vision control is necessary for digital finishing systems because all printed materials contain size, rotation and scaling distortions that will produce inaccurate digital die cutting, if not corrected. i-cut Vision’s patented means of distortion compensation lets digital cutting systems produce error-free results. i-cut Vision Pro is a fully integrated hardware and software solution that turns a digital cutting table into a true, short-run production system, utilizing a camera system that individually adjusts cut files to perfectly match printed graphics. New to i-cut Vision Pro 7.1 is patent-pending Adaptive Registration, a feature that intelligently reduces the number of registration marks read throughout production, increasing productivity without sacrificing accuracy.  Another new, significant feature is the ability to automatically eliminate overcuts in sensitive materials such as foam, Reboard and PSA film, by cutting away from inside corners.

During ISA, i-cut Vision Pro 7.1 systems will be available for purchase at the EskoArtwork and i-cut, inc. booths.

i-cut Suite: Streamlining the entire workflow, from design to print to cut

i-cut Suite was designed specifically for companies that drive narrow or large format digital printers and/or digital finishing systems, and that require professional tools to streamline their workflows. It is the first workflow that offered wide format printing and digital finishing companies a complete, integrated solution. It is comprised of different modules, including i-cut Preflight for efficient PDF preflighting and editing, and i-cut Layout for interactive layout, tiling and nesting of graphics.

i-cut Suite software doesn’t require users to return to a native application, working within a PDF file. Furthermore, it reduces errors by spotting them before RIPping, and it optimises the layout, which ultimately reduces material costs and minimises set-up time. Users with more specific requirements can easily also add supplementary modules: a structural design module to allow integration with all standard structural design programs; a graphics preparation module to create the cutting contour on both vector files and images; and a true shape nesting module offering a powerful, true shape nesting solution, particularly for irregular shapes.

The Kongsberg i-XP 24 digital finishing system offers a completely new level of productivity and throughput

On display at ISA is the Kongsberg i-XP 24, the world’s fastest digital finishing system. The i-XP helps turn short-run POP / POS displays work into profitable, value added jobs, helping sign and display shops offer their customers on-demand production with just-in-time delivery. The Kongsberg i-XP series provides a fast, flexible and highly reliable solution for short run production.  With a maximum working area of 87”x126” and a maximum speed of 66” ips (inches per second), the i-XP series can convert a wide range of board, sheet and roll materials. An optional conveyor extension along with an Auto-Feeder with scissor-lift and transfer cart system expands the quantity of print runs that can be pre-stacked. The seamless workflow no longer requires an operator to restack or transfer materials.

Kongsberg i-XE 10 Auto digital finishing system

The Kongsberg i-XE 10 Auto is equipped with a fully automated sheet feeder and off load stacker, specifically designed for finishing small-format, prototype, sample and short-run digital printed materials – rolls or sheets can be processed. The sheet feeder system automatically loads and places the printed materials on the table. The ‘Pick and Place’ automated stacker enables non-stop sorting, neatly stacking finished pieces. The system also automatically separates waste from the finished items. As a result, the machine can run virtually unattended, delivering significant savings on man-hours. The Kongsberg i-XE10 Auto combines high production speed and precision with easy operation. It opens opportunities for creative, new applications with irregular shapes or finishing structures. It can handle a maximum sheet size of 35” x 47” at a maximum speed of 52.5 ips.

Kongsberg i-XL 24: Perfect for signs and displays

The Kongsberg i-XL 24, the workhorse of the product line and best-selling Kongsberg finishing system among sign and display companies, offers a comprehensive finishing solution for the widest range of materials, providing automation, high productivity and outstanding precision. The i-XL family, with a maximum material size of 87” x 120”, can be delivered with an optional conveyor extension, along with the Auto-Feeder and scissor-lift system.

“EskoArtwork continues to extend the productivity of sign and display print providers, with both a complete, integrated workflow and extremely sophisticated digital finishing systems,” explains Bill Hartman, EskoArtwork Vice President, Sign & Display Solutions. " There is much more to the production of signs than just printing. We are committed to “shaping the future” of our customers´ business and this industry. Sign and display shops also need to focus on the structure — or shape — of a sign. They need machines to efficiently cut displays when they are printed. They also need a workflow that can combine graphics with the structure. At the EskoArtwork booth, we can demonstrate solutions that cannot be found elsewhere.”

Solent Sewing and Welding Solutions announces two new products at Sign & Digital

S D Awards And Networking Logo

Solent Sewing and Welding Solutions has announced two new products at Sign & Digital - the Miller Weldmaster 112 Extreme with easyglide grommet and the Impulse Extreme with an automatic folding device.  Solent is able to offer welding solutions for recyclable (PE) and traditionally non-weldables using heat activated tape.

In cooperation with HP and Roland, Solent will be demonstrating its range of versatile heat sealing solutions on its stand throughout Sign & Digital UK.

Zund wins Wide-Format Imaging Top Product Award

Zund G3

Zund has won an award in the Wide-Format Imaging Sixth Annual Top Products Awards - in the category of Finishing - Routers & Cutters.
The Sixth Annual Wide-Format Imaging Top Products Awards feature the breakthrough products that have caused the most excitement in the industry and have been a valuable asset to wide- and grand-format businesses over the last year.

From wide-format flatbed printers and wide-format media, to laminating equipment to inks, RIP software and scanners, Wide-Format Imaging’s Top Products Awards recognise the products that are doing the most for a PSP's bottom line.
Products appearing on the Top Products Ballot were solicited from manufacturers over a three month period towards the end of 2010. These products were supplemented with new products reviewed by the publication during 2010. Readers and subscribers were invited to vote for their winning products from January 12th through to March 4th, 2011. Manufacturer votes were automatically removed from the tally, making each award an extremely important and independent accolade for any product to achieve and a true reflection of their reputation in the market.

Peter Giddings, Sales Director of Zund UK comments; “We are delighted to receive this important award for the Zund G3, particularly as it was voted by the market itself – by print service providers and graphic arts professionals who’s lives and businesses are actually made better because of our product.”

“The real noticeable difference in the Zund G3 is the flexibility of the Universal Module’” continues Giddings, “which allows users to change techniques and jobs with the simple change of tool as opposed to buying a completely new accessory which in the past has been quite an investment. This leads to proven results of 20% - 25% in increased productivity in addition to the system being so much more energy efficient. This award is testament to the fact that the G3 is a superior, well engineered, well thought out product and we’re very proud that the industry has recognised this.”