29 Nov 2021

Graphtec America releases two new flatbed cutters


Graphtec America has added the FC4500 series flatbeds, to its extensive family of roll feed and flatbed cutters. The FC4500 flatbed cutting plotters are available in 2 table sizes. The FC4500-50 has a cutting area of 23.2x16.9 inches and the FC4510-60 has a cutting area of 33.8x23.6 inches.

Both cutting tables come standard with a dual head configuration allowing pens, cutting tools, and creasing tools to be loaded simultaneously. A new reverse creasing function allows alignment and creasing on the reverse side of the printed cardstock to prevent traces of the creasing operation from appearing on the printed surface.

The FC4500 series also features Graphtec's ARMS (Auto Registration Mark Sensor) for cutting pre-printed graphics. The FC4500 series are perfect for designers and prototyping in the offset printing, digital printing, packaging industry, fashion industry, as well as road sign making, stone & glass sandblasting/etching, the electronic film industry, and architectural model building.

Graphtec's Cutting Master 2 plug-ins are included with the cutters ensuring compatibility with Adobe Illustrator for Windows and Macintosh and CorelDraw for Windows design software.

The FC4500 series come with a standard one-year warranty and Graphtec America also offers annual Service Choice and On-Site service programs to ensure customer satisfaction.


Colex wins SGIA Product of the Year award for the Fotoba Dreamcut 67”

Colex Fotoba

Colex, the exclusive distributor in North America of Fotoba cutters, introduced the world’s only 67-in automatic cutter to SGIA, and on Wednesday, October 13 won SGIA’s Product of the Year award in the Finishing Equipment category. The new Fotoba Dreamcut XLD-170 is designed for cutting and trimming flexible inkjet and photo media.

Why cut and trim prints by hand? The Dreamcut XLD-170 has the versatility and speed to eliminate users’ bottlenecks in their finishing departments. It cuts and trims roll-and-sheet media up to 67-inches wide and 35-mil thick. Imagine cutting a 150-ft. roll of media in less than 15 minutes. The Dreamcut is the ideal solution for reducing labour costs and increasing productivity.

A unique feature of the Dreamcut is its automatic feed alignment. Users have no worry about feed misalignment. It will automatically realign to the edge of the printed image, producing square-finished images even if the printer fails to print parallel to the media edge, or if the printer fails to wind up the rolls squarely.

SEAL announces entry level laminator for sign and display market


Seal Logo

SEAL has announced the availability of the SEAL 54 EL laminator.  This entry level product is priced at under £4000 and is targeted at the sign and display market.

With a 1400mm working width - and the ability to handle materials up to 25mm thick - it offers high quality professional finishing results.  It can apply finishing and protective films as well as double-sided adhesive films.

The SEAL 54 EL has simple controls and requires minimal maintenance.  With a small footprint, it can fit into some of the smallest work areas.


Atech to distribute Matic finishing equipment for soft signage and textiles

Matic Flexicut

Large format finishing manufacturer Matic has today appointed Atech Ltd of Welwyn Garden City, sole UK distributor of their range of large format finishing equipment for the soft signage and digital textiles sector.

Atech will stock and have available for demonstration the widest range of finishing equipment for the digital textile industry in the UK including industrial sewing machines/ stitchers, industrial impulse welders and pneumatic eyeleting machines.

The Cronos-L is an ergonomic sewing workstation to create professional seams on items such as flags and banners. It has a table with transport belts that are synchronized with the sewing speed, enabling the machine operator to make long seams without stopping and with constant tension on the thread.

The Rollmatic is a device for rolling up your fabric in a fast and accurate way. It can either be standalone or added to your existing cutting table. With just one operator required for heavy or large products and suitable for all fabrics, the Rollmatic allows you to roll your cut fabric directly onto a cardboard roll.

The Flexicut from Matic is designed especially for the fast and accurate straight cutting of textiles and PVC. With three types of cutting methods available; Ultrasonic Cut for textile fabrics, cutting ad sealing the edge at the same time to avoid fraying; Crush Cut, for glass  fibre coated with PVC and; Rotating Knife Cut for polyester coated PVC. Fully modular, the Flexicut can come with a table with adjustable lateral rule for measuring, a Sensor to detect the end of a fabric, a laser to line up printed fabric and a roll-up device to roll up as fast as possible I order to clear your cutting area for the next operation.

In addition, Atech will be distributing the entire Talos range of eyeleting machines. With two manual, two pneumatic and two automatic versions taking either 40mm or 150mm diameter grommits they are useful tools for automating the punching and inserting of eyelet grommit and washers in one action. In addition there is the Talos HF (High Frequency) eyeletter, used to punch and weld eyelets with high frequency technology. The Talos HF will punch and weld eyelets through 4-6 layers of PVC and yet it is a relatively quiet machine that is easy to use and maintain.

Atech are widely regarded as experts in the UK on large format printing and finishing and focus heavily on only supplying robust and quality-engineered products such as Zund, ATP Textile printers, Roland printers and Seal film & liquid laminators.  They are also specialists in the photographic market and they are exclusive distributors for Chromira Digital PhotoLabs and Unibind Professional PhotoBook Makers.

EskoArtwork adds full automation with its Kongsberg XP Auto cutting solution

Eg Kongsberg Xp A 35


An extended and new version of the XP cutting table has been announced by EskoArtwork. Designated the XP Auto, it incorporates automatic loading and unloading and is designed to complement wide-format digital printers, enabling a full digital production workflow for point-of-sale displays and short-run packaging work.

As the successor to the DCM 24 (Digital Converting Machine), this new model is based on the Kongsberg XP, the company’s highest capacity cutting table, designed for high productivity up to 24/7 continuous operation. The configuration can handle a wide range of materials from high-density, rigid sheets requiring a milling or routing tool to flexible materials that can be processed by knife cutting tools. The maximum sheet size for the large format XP44 Auto model is 2.31 x 3.6 m.

“With the introduction of faster large format digital printers, there is a strong demand for a higher capacity automatic finishing solution for printed packaging and display materials," says Tom Erik Naess, CAM Product Manager at EskoArtwork. "The XP Auto helps to turn short-run packaging and POP work into profitable and value added jobs. Users can now offer their customers on-demand production with just-in time-delivery.”

The addition of automatic media handling transforms the XP into a fully automatic finishing system that can run unattended for long periods. This is aided by the XP’s automatic tool calibration and a camera system for accurate print-to-cut registration. Exclusive to the XP Auto is the ability to register sheets with the print side facing down, most useful for processing corrugated board. This is achieved by means of a camera, located below the table-top level and driven by a separate servo axis, which registers the marks as the board is moved from the in-stack to the cutting area.

The system is particularly valuable for producing point-of-sale display work and customised packaging, with fast turn-round. Unlike conventional cutting and creasing systems, the XP Auto also removes the lead times and high cost of making cutting dies. A routing capability is optional for heavier materials such as MDF, Forex, Dibond and acrylic panels.

The new Kongsberg XP Auto is already operating at SCA Packaging Norway in Sarpsborg, part of the Europe-wide packaging production giant, SCA Group. This Norwegian operation specialises in short run, on-demand corrugated boxes and in-store display boxes. In addition to the new XP Auto configuration which was installed in April, the company works with two Kongsberg DCM24 cutters for automatic packaging finishing, one Kongsberg CM1320 sample table and a Göpfert Boxmaker.

“We are very pleased with the Kongsberg XP44 Auto,” says Atle Andreassen, Managing Director at SCA Packaging Norway. “The big working area compared to the DCM machines is a big advantage for us. We can produce larger boxes than before. Multiple part jobs, often needed for in-store displays, can now fit into a single sheet which saves time and costs both at the printing and cutting stage. The XP Auto can also cut the protective foam for the inside of the boxes, which we have not been able to do before. Also the increased speed of the XP Auto is a benefit when cutting multiple parts from a sheet.”

With a small staff of 13 people, the ability to run unattended is very valuable. “We can leave the XP Auto unattended at night and by raising our stack of material to 100cm, we can produce till 06.00 in the morning instead of 02.00. We even already suggested EskoArtwork to further expand the automatic loading and unloading capability,” adds Andreassen. “With the Kongsberg XP Auto, we can make samples for a customer while they wait and deliver the order in two or three days.”

The EskoArtwork XP Auto is available to order. First deliveries are scheduled for Q4 2010. Existing XP installations can be upgraded on-site to the new XP Auto configuration.


EskoArtwork solutions and EskoMan come to the technology rescue at Labelexpo 2010!

Esko Artwork Logo

EskoArtwork, a global supplier and integrator of innovative solutions for packaging and labels, with the help of ‘EskoMan', will demonstrate at Labelexpo Americas 2010, booth 5202, a number of technology ‘heroes’ — solutions that support Labelexpo’s theme of technology to the rescue for tag and label printers. Comprehensive, hands-on demonstrations will provide visitors extensive information to help them create and produce tags and labels more efficiently. In doing so, EskoArtwork brings its customers to new levels of industrialisation and standardisation to improve quality and consistency, and remove cost and time out of the design to print process.

“EskoArtwork has come to the call of many label printers who have needed help with their workflows and flexo plate production. No matter if you produce labels digitally, in offset, flexo, gravure or screen print, EskoArtwork solutions can help optimize costs, streamline workflows and improve quality and consistency,” remarks Mark Quinlan, President, EskoArtwork North America. “Our EskoMan character at Labelexpo reinforces that we master label and tag pre-production: from design to prepress and workflow automation, proofing, color, the printed and finished job, and beyond.”

EskoArtwork will be exhibiting Suite 10, a major release of its software solutions for packaging prepress, 3D structural design and quality assurance, collaboration and automation, and color management. Visitors can follow demonstrations of the new Automation Engine 10 and new version 10 releases of all editor applications: ArtPro 10, PackEdge 10, DeskPack 10, ArtiosCAD 10 and Studio 10. The workstation software is more integrated than ever, with Automation Engine 10, adding capabilities to the automation of repetitive tasks, and taking more human interaction out of the prepress production process. This avoids mistakes and saves considerable time and money.

Featured is Studio Toolkit for Shrink Sleeves, the perfect software solution for resolving the distortion of shrink sleeves, automating the design and prepress process in Adobe® Illustrator®. Its unique 3D approach tackles round and irregular shapes, and even multi-packs. Pre-distortion tools compensate for the complex combination of horizontal and vertical distortions that come with irregular shapes. Users can preview artwork on the screen as it is shrunk on packaging and share the result with their clients. They can make design corrections much faster, save time and material, and avoid rejects.

The second highlight on the EskoArtwork booth is its range of Digital Flexo solutions, comprised of its world leading range of Cyrel Digital Imagers for flexo plate making (CDIs) and related integrated software products. EskoArtwork’s groundbreaking HD Flexo technology uses high screen rulings and advanced screening to produce plates that print near-offset quality. At Labelexpo, the new version of HD Flexo will be presented. HD Flexo 2.0 delivers exceptional printing throughout the entire tonal range — dazzling highlights with gradients down to zero, stable midtones, and higher ink density solids. On display will be a CDI Spark 4835, imaging digital flexo plates up to 48” x 35”, which is perfect for small and medium volume label flexo plate makers and converters.

The company’s Kongsberg product line of CAM products for labels and packaging will also be represented with the automated Kongsberg i-XE10, a versatile and productive digital finishing system, perfect for all kinds of labels. Equipped with a newly designed stacker and sheet feeding system, the Kongsberg i-XE10 Automated finishes small-format, short-run digital printed materials, accepting sheets as large as 35.4" x 47.2". The redesigned sheet feeder system automatically loads and places the printed materials on the table. The automated stacker delivers non-stop sorting and stacking of the finished parts. The system also automatically removes waste. As a result, the machine can run unattended, saving significant man-hours.

EskoArtwork unleashes the power of information

During Labelexpo, Mark Samworth of EskoArtwork will be participating in two sessions discussing color topics of particular interest to label printers. One, ‘Color management - changing the way the industry evaluates color’ will explain how the EskoArtwork Color Engine ties into the G7 process, matching color to the preferred reproduction, and discussing hue, lightness and chromo. The other, ‘Extended gamut printing - it's not just CMYK any more’ will explain how to target a CMYK color standard, establishing plate curves and optimized solid color targets for added colors. Those interested in brand colors can learn about building an accurate spot color conversion library and assuring reproduction accuracy.

During the digital printing masterclasses, Kevin Peters, Application Sales Manager, EskoArtwork, will discuss digital printing prepress systems and strategies as they relate to color management, supply chain integration and workflow, and digital proofing.

In the Feature Area technology workshop, EskoArtwork will participate in the day of the life of a label converter. Different label jobs will be printed on variety of digital and flexo presses. The aim is to show attendees how to set up and run each narrow-web label press to optimize label print performance and quality; to demonstrate to them how to assess new product and market opportunities, and to compare print quality and performance across different print processes.

EskoArtwork teams up with other technology heroes

EskoArtwork understands that successful integration with other industry suppliers allows its customers access to complete solutions. EskoArtwork solutions are nearly omnipresent in digital printing for packaging and labels with an increasing number of digital press manufacturers operating with EskoArtwork workflow, RIP and color management software as an integrated Digital Front End. EskoArtwork will be demonstrating cooperative efforts with more than a dozen partners. Reflecting the technology trends in the industry, the focus of many of the partnerships will be on digital printing. Partners at Labelexpo include (in alphabetical order):

Agfa (5403): Labels printed on Agfa Ghandi digital inkjet printers can be digitally cut on an EskoArtwork Kongsberg finishing table.

Anderson & Vreeland (929), teaming up with EskoArtwork, has a long history of innovation and support for the flexographic industry. Its flexo plate and processing solutions work along with EskoArtwork’s CDI flexo plate imagers.

Codimag (3429), the French press manufacturer, will demonstrate the benefits of JDF integration for tag and label converters, with CERM’s MIS solution and EskoArtwork’s label and tag manufacturing workflow.

Domino Amjet (6523) partners with EskoArtwork and its workflow solutions for the N600 reel-to-reel piezo inkjet label press.

DuPont (5403): DuPont is a long-standing EskoArtwork plate and plate-processing partner, since the introduction of the first CDI system in 2000. EskoArtwork digital flexo solutions will be presented together with DuPont Cyrel plates and processors.

Durst (5901) has added an EskoArtwork front end feeding its Tau 150 label press, with integrated RIP, color management and editing modules.

Epson (6551) digital presses along with EskoArtwork software solutions allow printers to offer fast turnaround times and shorter print runs, with versioning and customization. EskoArtwork FlexProof 10 supports the Epson Stylus Pro WT7900 printer (with capabilities to print white), while the Epson SurePress L-4033A can be sold with an EskoArtwork digital front end.

HP Indigo (3223) and EskoArtwork have a strong, successful strategic partnering and pioneering relationship in digital print for labels and packaging. HP will be demonstrating HP SmartStream Labels and Packaging solutions powered by EskoArtwork. The design, prepress and workflow software is embedded in the front end of the HP Indigo WS4500 and WS6000 industrial presses. EskoArtwork will be demonstrating the digital print workflow it has developed with HP. This includes a seamless connection between MIS and web-to-print systems to Esko Automation Engine and the EskoArtwork Digital Front End solution, which ultimately drives HP Indigo presses.

J&V Imaging (5523) is a successful representative and integrator of EskoArtwork Digital Flexo — CDI platesetters along with supporting software solutions.

Pitman (5403): All EskoArtwork solutions are available from long-time distribution partner Pitman.

Stork Prints America, Inc. (529). Stork Prints digital presses use an EskoArtwork DFE for prepress workflow and color management.

Tailored Solutions (6017), Label Traxx, the print business management software for narrow web label printers and converters, can be linked with EskoArtwork Automation Engine and an HP Indigo press. Orders entered by users via are automatically transmitted directly to Automation Engine, where they are formatted for the particular HP Indigo production press.

Xeikon (6135) will be demonstrating EskoArtwork MIS and prepress workflow integration with its family of digital label presses. This will include CERM MIS feeding into EskoArtwork Automation Engine 10 for an automated, end-to-end solution for labels.

“By extending our partnerships throughout the entire label and tag supply chain, we strive to offer our customers integrated solutions that allow them to increase productivity, efficiency, quality and - ultimately -profitability," concludes Quinlan. "Labelexpo will demonstrate our ability to team up on many advanced solutions with a diverse range of industry partners."