17 Jan 2022

EskoArtwork “shapes the future” with complete workflow and digital finishing solutions for the sign and display market at Fespa 2010


Eg Kongsberg Xp

Show marks introduction of i-cut production software, a rich collection of software solutions for sign and display, plus demonstration of new Kongsberg i-XE10 Automated digital finishing table

EskoArtwork will demonstrate during Fespa 2010, at Stand 270 in Hall B1, its comprehensive portfolio of end-to-end workflow and digital finishing solutions. Highlights at the show – which takes place from June 22nd to 26th in Munich, Germany – include the introduction of i-cut production software, the collection of pre-production solutions that streamline the workflow for the large-format digital printing and finishing throughout the entire production process, from prepress to the finished product.


There will also be live demonstrations of the new Kongsberg i-XE10 Automated and the most successful Kongsberg XP product lines for sign makers and digital printing converters. EskoArtwork will also be present at the HP Scitex stand,  located in Hall B2 stand 120, where the Kongsberg i-XL will be demonstrated along with the EskoArtwork pre-production solutions.

“Fespa is this year’s most important event for the sign and display industry in Europe, and it's the ideal backdrop and timing to introduce our new solutions,” says Nicolai Gradman, EskoArtwork Senior Vice President CAM & Supply Chain. "We are committed to “shape the future” of our customers´ business and of this industry. Across the ‘design-to-print-to-cut’ spectrum of printed graphics production, EskoArtwork solutions improve each step of the process. In the design phase, application tools improve the graphic and structural design, editing and layout of files to make them print-ready. In the print stage, our workflow integration with RIP software allows the seamless, automated creation of cut ready files for finishing operations. And, in the cut phase, the Kongsberg finishing tables provide flexible, versatile and productive finishing, transforming printed graphics into usable products.”

EskoArtwork’s new solutions reflect the needs of today’s digital printing and finishing markets. The Kongsberg i-XE10 Automated offers the fastest and most productive solution for finishing a wide variety of creative digital print applications. With the new automation features, digital printing companies can bring production in-house. It allows them to not only improve turnaround times but also saves on the use of dies while reducing costs. The Kongsberg i-XE10 Automated works along any small-format to medium-size digital press and is a profitable solution to finish a wide range of digitally printed applications up to print-runs of several thousands, depending in design complexity.

Building on its experience developing prepress and workflow solutions, EskoArtwork also introduces a new range of software tools called i-cut production software. “EskoArtwork is doing something very different in this industry by offering a complete workflow solution from design through finishing,” adds Gradman. “This industry lacks dedicated tools to streamline operations, improve throughput, and reduce errors and material waste. This is an issue that many converters are even not aware of. We are convinced this is set to change when they experience the enhanced i-cut production software.”

New – i-cut production software raises productivity, saves time and reduces errors

The i-cut production software is targeted specifically at companies that drive a large format digital printer and/or digital finishing system and require professional tools to streamline their workflow. i-cut production software is part of the EskoArtwork Suite 10 of design, pre-production and automated workflow solutions.

"For the first time, wide format printing and digital finishing companies will be able to work with a complete, integrated solution, with our new i-cut software, " explains Gradman. "It's comprised of different modules, with i-cut Preflight for efficient PDF preflighting and editing, i-cut Automate for data workflow and i-cut Layout for interactive layout and nesting. For precise and accurate die-less cutting, the i-cut Vision Pro control system is essential."

One of main advantages of i-cut production software is that users don't have to go back to a native application, working within a PDF file. Furthermore, it reduces errors by spotting them before RIPping, and it optimizes the layout, which ultimately reduces material costs and minimizes the set-up time. Users with more specific requirements can easily also add additional modules: Structural Design module that allows integration with all standard structural design programs and contains a brand-new box builder function; Graphics Preparation module to create the cutting contour on both vector files and images and True Shape Nesting module offering a powerful true shape nesting solution, particularly for irregular shapes.

New – Kongsberg i-XE10 Automated digital finishing

The Kongsberg i-XE10 Automated is equipped with a newly designed stacker and sheet feeding system, and has been specifically designed to meet the growing demand for finishing small-format, short-run digital printed materials.. It opens opportunities for creative, new applications with irregular shapes or finishing structures, such as folders, greeting and business cards, small signs and displays, packaging, flyers and many more novel applications.

The sheet feeder system automatically loads and places the printed materials on the table. The automated stacker enables non-stop sorting and neatly stacks the finished parts. The system also automatically separates  waste from the finished items.. As a result, the machine can run unattended, delivering a significant saving on man-hours. The Kongsberg i-XE10 itself combines high production speed and precision with easy operation. It can handle a maximum sheet size of 900 mm x 1200 mm at a maximum speed of 80 m/min.

Kongsberg XP, a true production machine

The Kongsberg XP series is designed to operate continuously in a 24/7 production environment. It is targeted at manufacturers of POP and permanent in-store product displays that need a fast and highly reliable solution for short-run production. With the launch of the Kongsberg XP digital cutting table in 2009, EskoArtwork offered a faster and equally highly reliable solution, specifically suited for short-run production—and the market responded positively with more than 60 successful operational installations worldwide. Customers such as the STI Group in Germany, Third Dimension in the US and Artbox in Sweden to name a few, are enjoying a tangible ROI through dramatically increased productivity and efficiency, reduced costs and faster turnaround times.

On the second day of the show – June 24th – EskoArtwork product specialists Ruben Cagnie and Einar Ek are presenting the latest novelties in the Fespa Innovation Theatre at 13.00.


SEAL Graphics at Fespa 2010: All you need to know about wide-format lamination in one place

Seal As1600

SEAL Graphics will be at Fespa 2010 with a comprehensive selection of its protective and mounting films.   These, together with three popular laminating machines: the SEAL 600 MD, the award-winning SEAL 62 Base and the AquaSEAL AS 1600, will cover a wide range of applications.

The AS 1600 applies water-based liquid varnishes onto a variety of media; while the roll laminators 600 MD and 62 Base have been developed to apply film laminates for the professional finishing of diverse materials.

AquaSEAL AS 1600

By applying a durable external coating the AquaSEAL 1600 is suitable for use with vinyl and waterproof inkjet media.  The liquid laminate protects digital prints against wear, humidity, UV radiation and chemicals.  Visitors to Fespa can see how varnish is applied onto printed digital non-woven wallpapers, such as Neschen's 'Erfurt wallpaper CA'.  Even though digital print wallpapers are robust themselves, it is recommended to apply a layer of clear varnish as an additional protection in high traffic areas, for example in doorways and lobbies in hotels and restaurants.

"The requirements in the graphics industry are extremely multifaceted", says Frank Seemann, marketing and communications director for the SEAL brand, "which is why we are keen to discuss with visitors which varnish is suitable for which medium and which application."

SEAL roll laminators 600 MD and 62 Base

The roll laminator SEAL 600 MD is a robust bidirectional, high-performance, high-demand device equipped with two heated roller pairs.  Due to its two roller pairs this high-performance machine can process hot and cold laminating applications independently.  Additionally, the device comes with variable temperature, velocity and pressure controls.  The rollers are lifted and lowered pneumatically enabling the operator to comfortable mount, laminate and shrink-wrap a variety of materials up to 1.550 mm wide and up to 25 mm thick.

The cost-effective laminator SEAL 62 Base is a powerful starter model equipped with all basic features which users need for professional mounting of finishing and protective films as well as double-sided adhesive film.  The fully developed roller technology reliably processes pressure-dependent materials up to a thickness of 50 mm at a velocity of up to 5 m/min.  Both rollers are made of silicone and the heat assisted (up to 40 C) top roller provides a high degree of consistent quality.  The maximum working width is 1.575 mm.

Among its myriad film laminates, SEAL expects three of its new products - UV Sol Lam, Print Shield Pro Anti Graffiti and Base Stoplight 190 - to be of particular interest.  The UV Sol Lam range consists of especially durable, pressure-sensitive PVC laminating films with a solvent adhesive to enhance all digital print technologies, especially those using UV-curing inks.  Bumps are evened out without problem, so that the print media are very well protected against damage as well as fading due to UVA and UVB radiation.

With its specially finished surface, Print Shield Pro Anti Graffiti film protects digital print media against graffiti and vandalism very effectively.  The film is washable and extremely resistant to damage by a large number of detergents and solvents.

Base Stoplight 190 is a strong polyester rear side film with an aluminium core and works as a light protection for roll-up displays.  Media are mounted to the self-adhesive film in a cold lamination process.


Drytac's DES-6 is making curves for the sign industry

Drytac Des6

Drytac a leader in finishing supplies and equipment has added the DES-6 Edge Finishing System to its existing edging system product line.

The DES-6 is a compact, flexible edging system that can apply a C profile edging to both straight-edged display boards and die-cut or digitally cut shaped boards from 3/8 inch or 5/8 inches (10-16 millimeters) thick.

Great for edging digitally cut, eco-board structures like furniture, shelving and display structures for retail displays and tradeshows, the DES-6 has friendly controls and is an excellent value to sign shops wanting a low price point.

Programmable logic controller (PLC) technology and a digital display allows precise glue application, edging feed and cutting to make applying edging to eco-boards like Xanita and Re-board simple and cost efficient.

SEAL 62 Base wins Wide-Format Imaging's readers' choice Top Products award

Seal 62 Base

The SEAL 62 Base has won 'Wide-Format Imaging' magazine's Readers’ Choice Top Products Award for Laminating Equipment in the US.

Wide-Format Imaging's poll focused on its readership of corporate and senior level management professionals directly involved in wide- and grand-format imaging who were asked to rate the best products in 27 categories.

Ideal for mounting and laminating pressure-sensitive graphics up to 61ins wide, the SEAL 62 Base laminator supports the rapidly growing digital display market. This machine represents a flexible package at an affordable price without compromising functionality. The top roller’s heat-assist feature ensures superb results with a wide range of materials.  Whatever the experience level of the operator, the SEAL 62 Base is easy-to-use and delivers genuine flexibility with high performance for the small to medium sized user.

“We couldn’t be more proud of the SEAL 62 Base,” said Frank Seemann, head of marketing and communications. “SEAL is no stranger to the Wide-Format Imaging Reader’s Choice Awards, but it is especially rewarding to see one of our newer machines winning this year.  The 62 Base is a real work-horse and has been designed to provide years of trouble-free use.”


SEAL Graphics offers even better value-for-money films

3d Pink Pop Up

As market leader in Pop-Up and Roll-Up display systems, SEAL Graphics guards its position jealously.  Which is why it constantly strives to offer better value-for-money and more technologically advanced products to ensure its continued success.

Two of the latest films to be launched are the company’s Base Stoplight 190 and Jet Guard Crystal Lite, both economical versions of the company’s best-sellers.  Although designed to be used in conjunction with each other as part of a complete display solution, they are both equally usable as stand-alone products.

The first is an ideal low cost solution for Pop-Up displays and other short term applications using heated roller laminators.  Like its more expensive stablemate Stoplight films it contains an essential light-blocking core.

The second is a lightweight but hard wearing overlaminate with a crystal textured finish, also for use with heated laminators.  It offers excellent scratch-resistant properties and is suitable for general lamination of photographic and inkjet media in short term applications.

More information on this and other products may be found on sealgraphics.com

New Kongsberg i-XE10 Automated digital finishing solution

Kongsberg I Xe10

EskoArtwork announces the introduction of the Kongsberg i-XE10 Automated, a complete solution in the market able to fully automate the entire finishing process.

Equipped with a newly designed stacker and sheet feeding system, the Kongsberg i-XE10 Automated has been specifically designed to meet the growing demand for finishing small-format, short-run digital printed materials.

With the new automation features of the Kongsberg i-XE10, digital printing companies can bring production in-house, which reduces costs and dramatically improves turnaround times. The redesigned sheet feeder system automatically loads and places the printed materials on the table. The automated stacker enables non-stop sorting and stacking of the finished parts. The system also automatically removes waste. As a result, the machine can run unattended, which saves significant man hours.

“In line with the philosophy of Kongsberg equipment, this new Kongsberg i-XE10 Automated is a true production machine – it’s based on our proven and robust Kongsberg technology, so users can trust that it will keep going and won’t let them down," says Einar Ek, CAM Business Development Manager at EskoArtwork. "The new and unique automation enables 24/7 operation of the finishing stage and keep the whole process in-house. Not having to outsource any of the production process reduces a print house’s operating costs, reduce throughput time and increases the number of jobs it takes on – which ultimately increases profitability.”


Exploiting new markets with creative finishing options

Print houses can attract new business by using the Kongsberg i-XE10 Automated finishing solution to offer a range of creative finishing options. The solution can work alongside any small-format to medium-size digital press and is ideally suited to finish just about everything that can be printed on light or flexible materials: shaped business cards, creasing and cutting brochures with a special cut-outs, folders, small signs and displays, creative invitations and even digitally printed sheet labels that require kiss and through cutting operations.

“We’ve seen an increase in the use of creative applications printed on digital presses, and Web2Print customized product offerings are also on the rise. Typical production runs for such items range from one hundred to several thousand or even more, depending on the application," explains Ek. "And with minimal operator intervention required for the Kongsberg i-XE10 Automated, these can now be handled more efficiently. With the Kongsberg i-XE10 there are few limits to the type of items that can be produced, offering our customers a significant competitive edge.”


Software and tooling to drive versatility and productivity

The Kongsberg i-XE10 Automated integrates seamlessly with EskoArtwork software for optimized file flow and creative design. PDF file preflighting and last minute corrections, nesting and structural designs all can be provided through EskoArtwork’s portfolio of dedicated software and workflow tools. The Kongsberg i-XE10 comes with the i-Cut® vision system that ensures automated and perfect registration between the print and cut.

The solution is complemented by an extensive tooling system that features a variety of tool stations suitable for a wide range of materials –including paper, thin plastic, carton, vinyl and polycarbonate– and provides quick throughput and superb accuracy. Assisted by a rack-and-pinion X/Y drive with precise motion control, an innovative, fast servo system and the comprehensive tool set, the Kongsberg i-XE10 combines high production speed and precision with easy operation. It can handle a maximum sheet size of 900 mm x 1200 mm at a maximum speed of 80 m/min.

The Kongsberg i-XE10 Automated will be on show and available for sale at Ipex 2010, which is held at the Birmingham NEC, 18-25 May 2010.