29 Nov 2021

Spandex announces New Mutoh Kona Series of High-Performance Cutting Plotters

Mutoh Kona Vinyl Cutting Plotter

Spandex, the pioneering one-stop supplier of complete and innovative solutions to the digital printing and sign making industries worldwide, has announced the availability of Mutoh’s new, versatile and cost-effective Kona Series of high-performance multi-purpose vinyl cutting plotters. Designed to meet the specific requirements of home, office or professional sign cutting applications, Mutoh’s Kona Series of drag-knife cutting plotters offers users a plethora of advantages, including superior cutting quality and excellent tracking.

Spandex will supply all three models of the new Mutoh Kona range, all of which deliver advanced precision and performance for media up to 1mm in thickness. The Kona Series comprises the Kona SCL-760, offering a maximum sheet/roll media width of 1000 mm; the Kona SCL-1400 with maximum sheet/roll media width of 1640 mm; and the Kona SCL-1650, offering a maximum sheet/roll media width of 1890mm.

EPOS™ technology for automatic contour cutting and cut through
All three Mutoh Kona variants feature Mutoh’s integrated EPOS ® (electronic positioning) feature as standard. As well as traditional vinyl cutting, this laser-based optical sensor technology allows users to benefit from automatic contour cutting of pre-printed signs and stickers. In addition, EPOS™ incorporates a cut through feature which offers the capability to create convenient individual stickers for promotional, instructive or informative purposes. This innovative attribute enables the Mutoh Kona to provide a low-cost poster trimming solution for individual samples or small production volumes. For optimum user comfort, the Kona also includes a special print and cut workflow that will practically reduce operator errors to zero.

Furthermore, Mutoh’s new Kona cutting plotters are equipped with several features that afford increased functionality and ensure an efficient workflow; including an intuitive and user-friendly, full-colour, multi-language LCD touch screen. The Mutoh Kona Series also features a newly designed automatic sheet-off mechanism, incorporating a rotatable long-life blade with four cutting sides.

Dual Roll Support System
Additional user benefits are provided by media support rollers (standard on the Mutoh Kona 1400 and Kona 1650), which allow easy handling of regular vinyl and ensure perfect tracking. An optional second roll-off system is available for contact-free loading of pre-printed rolls. This enables users to maintain quality by ensuring freshly printed rolls are free of damage, marks or scratches.

The Spandex-supplied Kona includes a two-year spare parts warranty, as well as various optional extras to enhance productivity.

Drytac's VersaCoater XL80 Requires 25% Less Energy

Drytac VersaCoater XL80

Drytac has engineered a new customisable power connection option for its VersaCoater XL80, allowing users to operate the machine using 25 percent less energy.

"We’ve made several other upgrades to the VersaCoater line recently, but the reduced power consumption has received the most attention,” said Jim Tatum, vice president of Drytac’s liquid coating division. "When economic times are difficult, everyone is trying to get a competitive edge and reducing cost while increasing speed is one reason why people will still make this type of investment".

With the new power option shop owners will be able to reduce electrical costs while still producing the same quality coated projects.

For Zünd’s 25th Anniversary -
 Switzerland’s first Minergie-P Industrial Building

Zund G3

From local company to global enterprise with a recipe for sustained success:  Zünd Systemtechnik AG in Altstätten celebrates 25 years.

Together with 125 employees and their families, business associates, local community and political leaders, Karl Zünd celebrated his company’s 25th anniversary and inaugurated the new Minergie-P building.  He also took this opportunity to announce that, at the beginning of 2010, he would formally turn over Zünd Systemtechnik AG’s day-to-day operations to his sons, Mike and Oliver Zünd.  Karl Zünd will maintain his leadership role in strategic planning, ensuring Zünd‘s continuity in maintaining local roots while exerting global influence. He will continue to actively participate in management and preside over the company’s board of directors.

Introducing numerous technical innovations over the years, Karl Zünd has successfully evolved the company from a small business to a worldwide leading manufacturer of digital cutting systems.

The crowning event of the company’s 25-year festivities was the inauguration of the latest expansion of its headquarters, the first Minergie-P industrial building in Switzerland.

In 1984, the company’s early days, Karl Zünd began distributing Wild flatbed cutters.  Within two years, he had recruited a number of engineers to help develop new tool heads and other add-ons, such as an automatic advance mechanism for rolled materials. Five years later, he brought the first Zünd plotter, the P-1200, to market.  Multifunctional tool heads and a systematic pursuit of modularity formed the basis of Zünd’s diversification strategy and, to this day, continue to provide the gateway to many new opportunities.

Today Zünd is the leading supplier of flatbed cutters to the graphics industry worldwide and a close second in packaging.  In the leather and textile industries as well, Zünd is among the principal providers of digital cutting systems. „These days,” as Mr. Zünd sums it up, “we are virtually surrounded by products that come off our cutters—products that at some stage have been cut, routed, or scored with Zünd equipment.”

With its innovative products, Zünd continues to set milestones in cutting technology.  A little more than a year ago, the company launched G3, the third and most advanced generation of Zünd digital cutters/routers.

Just in time for the anniversary, Zünd Systemtechnik AG moved into the third expansion of its headquarters in Altstätten, Switzerland. The new addition is bound to attract nationwide attention since it is the country’s first industrial building certified as Minergie-P.  It utilizes 5 times less energy than newly constructed conventional buildings and produces 5 times less CO2.  Approximately 12% of total building costs went toward meeting Minergie-P standards. The building’s future-oriented architecture is a reflection of Zünd’s corporate culture of responsibility toward man and nature.  It combines economic efficiency with sustainability and harmony with nature.

Mutoh USA announce upgraded Valuejet 1608HA low cost flatbed

Mutoh Valuejet 1608HA

Mutoh America Inc., who did much of the early field development on the hybrid Mutoh 1608 printers, have announced the next generation, the ValueJet 1608HA hybrid printer.

Specifically designed to meet the demands of customers, and priced at $49,000 (under £30,000) the technical advancements are as follows:

- A compressor is no longer required. The VJ1608HA includes a medical grade air pump to drive the heated air nozzles. The air pump incorporates external filters that help reduce condensation and damage from foreign particles.

- New heavy duty design and construction of the feed and take-up tables.

- VJ1608HA integrates the hot air nozzle controllers into the printer thus enabling control of the HAN from the RIP or control panel.

- Advanced new print modes including a 1440x1440 dpi resolution with double the speed!

- Now incorporating the latest Epson print head that has 5 variable dot sizes.

- Improved air flow and circulation through the printer cabinet.

"The technical innovations made to the ValueJet 1608HA raise the bar. The new model maintains high image quality with user-friendly features, says Brian Phipps, Director of Sales.

Effectively and efficiently designed to increase productivity and can be used to print on both rigid substrates and roll to roll including car wraps. The ValueJet 1608HA prints directly onto corrugated plastics, polystyrene, PVC, acrylic, Polycarbonate, foam board, aluminum composite, banner, wall covering and more.

A flatbed with brilliant results at a price you can afford, reaching speeds up to 120 sq/ft/hr in production mode using Mutoh's patented Intelligent Interweave print technique that virtually eliminates banding.

The ValueJet 1608HA uses MUBIO INK, recognized by the EPA Design for the Environment program composed of 80% plant derived substances, containing no harmful VOC's. A  4-colour printer with a maximum resolution of 1440 dpi, and automatic media thickness detection. The MUBIO INK is available in 880 ml ink packs.

Daige Releases Low-Cost Cold Laminator

Daige Solo

Daige has introduced Solo, an affordable cold laminator designed to be a one person finishing system. It is easy to use and provides essential features found on more expensive models. Features include top and bottom nip rollers covered with hard silicone, steel cores for better pressure, automatic take up, spring loaded top rollers and a heavy duty motor. A print holder in front makes it easy to laminate long prints. Solo accommodates boards up to .5-inches thick for mounting prints. Ruggedly built from steel and aluminum. It is available in 25-, 38-, 55-, and 65-inch widths.

New Gerber M Turbo Router Unveiled at SGIA

Gerber M Turbo


Gerber Scientific Products unveiled its new M Turbo high-powered cutter/router at the recent trade show in SGIA New Orleans.

The M Turbo is a new and more powerful version of the reliable M 3000 cutting system, part of Gerber's M Series of flatbed finishing tables. The M Turbo has the same proven features as the rest of the M Series machines, but offers a stronger, faster one kilowatt router. Visitors to the Gerber booth at the recent PRINT 09 Chicago show and the 2009 SGIA Expo in New Orleans were surprised by the new capabilities offered with the new M Turbo.

"We are very pleased with the response the new Gerber M Turbo received at the shows. Graphic industry veterans know what a great asset the higher-powered one kilowatt router can be for their business, since it allows them to perform a wider variety of jobs and perform them faster, especially the ability to rout metal," said Steve Albert, senior strategic accounts manager, Gerber.

Another attractive feature of the M Turbo is its reasonably priced turnkey system. "Show attendees were pleased to learn the M Turbo is priced lower than comparable systems. The attractive price of the M Turbo includes everything needed to get started. Instead of pricing the way competitors do, advertising a base price that includes only the table and then up-selling the customer for all the other elements they need, Gerber gives one price point for the entire, ready-to-use system," said Albert.

The Gerber M Turbo's turnkey system includes the cutting table, modular cutting head, M Vision optical registration system for print-to cut applications, OMEGA software, a PC, reciprocating and tangential knife tools, the 1 kw electric router tool, a starter kit of knife blades and router bits and even a one year comprehensive warranty. It's the perfect system for any business in the industry who wants a powerful router at a great price.