08 Dec 2021

DTG Digital G4 results exceed expectations

The DTG G4 is a true industrial print head direct to garment printer in a desktop format.

Pigmentinc BV, the sister company to Impression Technology, is the European distribution centre for DTG Digital’s new G4 DTG printer. Pigmentinc reports that all expectations have been exceeded with the Launch at FESPA Munich in May this year.

“The company puts the result ahead of market expectations. Already 12 new distributors have received demonstration equipment, stock and factory training”. According to Mr. Roderick Verweij, the European General Manager of Pigmentinc A reported 28 units shipped since the end of May.

With early installations already underway in Europe – The DTG G4 has equally exceeded expectations through an increase in production and lower running costs – The company believes the DTG G4 will become a benchmark for all levels of DTG production required in Europe for Apparel wholesale/retail, Internet fulfilment, and Manufacturers .

The DTG G4 features 4 Industrial next generation print heads that deliver incredibly fast print speeds at either 600 or 1200 dpi whilst maintaining immaculate prints for even the largest garments with a 40 x 50cm print size.

Coupled with this, the newly formulated G4 Textile Ink produces a wider colour gamut than the DTG’s predecessors, delivering stronger purples, blues, yellows and the deepest Black we have seen from any DTG Printer.

Workflow improvements will soon be realised with the imminent release of the retrofit-able QLVP platen system (Quick Load Vacuum Platen) The Industries first rapid garment reload system. This Patented vacuum reload system eliminates hooping and tucking and centres shirts for spot on prints in zero time. An operator can literally change garment and have the machine ready for the next print within 5 seconds.

An optional PTM auto pre–treat machine is also available from Pigment.Inc – built by DTG Digital and designed to partner with the DTG G4 – Shirts are coated with low cost accurate pre-treat in an enclosed spray chamber, rounding out the whole production cycle efficiently.

According to Jerry Erich, DTG global products manager. “Our customer are consistently telling us that the workflow improvements from the PTM and G4 DTG system is comfortably achieves 55+ light shirts and up to 32 large prints on dark garments per hour.

It seems that this productivity meets the demands for small and medium print shops and enables them to make a return on their investment.

Additionally, the G4 is scalable and supported with web to print automation for larger fulfilment and internet sales companies”

The DTG G4 is a true industrial print head direct to garment printer in a desktop format, designed for performance, amazing prints and ultimately profit. Industrial DTG printing is now available with equipment packages starting at €14,895.00++”