Pigment Inc Europe lifts lid on new DTG technology

Pigment.Inc will launch its new DTG G4 garment printer and PTM – automated Pre-treat module.

Pigment.Inc has unveiled a range of Printer, Pre-treat and software solutions for Garment printing at a technology event in the company’s European headquarters in Netherlands.

Jerry Erich, sales and marketing director at Impression Technology, Manufacturing will attend the event.

Pigment.Inc will launch its new DTG G4 garment printer and PTM – automated Pre-treat module, and says that higher speeds with more Industrial reliability will surpass previous DTG printers currently in the Market at a fraction of the price. The DTG G4 uses a new Industrial print head array, with more nozzles and a higher KHz power and up to 1200dpi native resolutions.

Pigment.Inc’s move into a higher industrial grade platform and technology will drive the new DTG G4 range with several models to complement its existing range: Production is underway and product release is planned from Jan 2019 at Viscom Germany.

Jerry Erich says, “Our customers along with the DTG process have matured greatly in the past 10 years – So we have looked at a compact all Industrial printer design that focuses on speed and reliability for extended shift manufacturing”

Having been tested at beta sites in Japan, USA, Malaysia and Australia, The G4 is now starting commercial shipment from Jan 2019

The new DTG G4 range will be powered by a new RIP delivering increased colours with job automation – A 16GB on-board memory and 7” touch display will make “Just in time” workflow greater for internet businesses – and a patented Quick load vacuum platens removes the need to for tucking or hooping and increases workflow dramatically – All these features provide the DTG G4 garment printer a 150% increase in speed, reliability and power over previous DTG’s.