Racesafe announces installation of an HP Stitch S300

Equestrian manufacturer Racesafe adds an HP Stitch S300 to meet customer demands.

Racesafe, manufacturer of equestrian silks and riding apparel, has announced the installation of an HP Stitch S300 dye-sublimation printer. The new machine will help Racesafe to meet customer demand for accurately colour – matched and customised riding silks, while improving efficiency.

Racesafe is a leading manufacturer of riding apparel, protection and silks in the UK and Europe, selling its range of equestrian clothing to a network of up to 200 retailers. Racesafe also offers one-off customised riding silks, such as hats and jackets, to its customer-base with each design being entirely unique to the jockey who requests it. The silks often feature branding and sponsors' logos, and subsequently must be accurately matched in terms of colour.

The installation of the HP Stitch S300 will ensures Racesafe's ability to print quickly and accurately, without compromising on customer demand for high-quality and precise finishes. The new machine will allow Racesafe to accurately match colours to registered shades from its old equipment in a straightforward manner.

"As weight is a big factor in horse racing, we required a machine capable of printing onto lightweight fabrics like polyester-based satin," says James How, director of Racesafe. "Digital dye-sublimation printing was the obvious choice, and the user-friendliness of the HP Stitch S300's interface means it can be operated even by our non-technicians. It's far more intuitive than our old machine: it's able to colour-match faster and more accurately, all while reducing floorspace with its front-loading design. It's ticked all the boxes and we're excited to explore new business avenues with this kit."

The HP Stitch S300 series is a dye-sublimation textile printer capable of printing to both transfer paper and direct-to-fabric. With HP SmartColor, predictable colour is faster and easier to achieve than ever before with maximum efficiency and versatility.

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