Another Seiko ColorPainter is Replaced… by a another Seiko ColorPainter

Colorpainter H 74s

Digital Factory has installed a new Seiko ColorPainter H-74S to replace its existing ColorPainter 64S. The new printer, supplied by Colourgen reseller, City and West End Solutions, has quickly demonstrated its ability to sustain speed and quality over long print runs as well as lower running costs through reduced ink usage and waste.

Cyrus Norton of Digital Factory, explains, “We were one of the first companies to purchase the original ColorPainter and we haven’t seen anything else since that can match its flexibility and colour range, until now. The H-74S was a logical choice for us as it is an evolved product based on technology we understand and that we know can deliver the best possible solution for us. We have looked at different ink technologies, but keep coming back to the fact that solvent is still the best business fit for us because our customers remain keen to have great value, great looking output solutions. The H-74S takes all the good elements of the 64S and couples this with improvements that are desirable from an experienced user’s point of view.”

He continues, “The printer’s speed and reliability has allowed us to take on more work at peak times. One job that previously would have taken 16 hours, we managed to get out in under 4 hours. This makes a massive difference to the service we can offer to customers and also increases the overall revenue we can obtain from the printer.”

Digital Factory was established in 1998 and has grown to cover 6500 square feet over two sites with 11 staff. The company is committed to delivering high quality solutions to its customers and is fully focused on maintaining and building its reputation for excellent quality, reliability and service. “We have known Colourgen since we started as a company and we very much share their commitment to service and quality. We started working with City and West End around six years ago and have always trusted their advice and guidance,” concludes Norton.

Doug Gilbertson, Managing Director of City and West End Solutions is equally pleased to have the ColorPainter as part of his range.  “As a high-end solutions provider, it is critical that we offer not only the best solution technologically, but the best solution for our customer’s needs.  Reliability and quality are key attributes in any product that we sell and knowing the ColorPainter range of old, the new generation improves on these attributes and has the added beneft of very high speed throughput”.

The 8-colour ColorPainter H-74S printers offer printing speeds up to 55 sqm/h, which are approximately 1.5 – 2 times faster than competing models in the same price/width class. These speeds are achieved by utilising eight super-wide, piezo inkjet heads, while maintaining extremely high image quality and density.