25 Jan 2022

B!G deliver on its sustainability commitment with HP Latex

Over the years, the company's continued investment in HP Latex technology has delivered valuable sustainability credentials across a wide portfolio of services.

B!G is a multidisciplinary visual agency, with print as a core part of its portfolio and a strong focus on sustainability. Having invested in HP technology for over seven years, it was an easy decision for B!G to upgrade to the HP Latex 3200 and HP Latex R2000 Plus models to address an even fuller spectrum of print needs without compromising on sustainability credentials.

These included a growing demand for brand creation, digital content, concept creation and communications materials including signage, graphics and point of sale delivered with maximum energy efficiency without sacrificing performance.

Upgrading from its older HP Latex 600 machine to the newer HP Latex 3200 and HP Latex R2000 Plus models was an easy decision. B!G has chosen to invest in HP Latex technology over the years because of its strong environmental credentials, which include UL ECOLOGO Certified water-based HP Latex Inks that produce odorless prints, which help to achieve ENERGY STAR certified energy efficiency. The new machines also use HP Eco-Carton ink cartridges, reducing plastic by 80% and CO2e by 66%, as well as contributing towards zero landfill—with local outer carton recycling, and free take-back inner ink bag via HP Planet Partners. Smart printing features like HP PrintOS also help B!G control production and costs as well as maximize uptime with automatic maintenance and smart service tools for fast diagnosis and issue resolution, all contributing to the reduction of waste and conservation of energy.

Since its inception, B!G has relied on HP printing technology with its first printer being an HP DesignJet 350 C. Seven years ago, at a time of exponential business growth, the company decided to change its solvent and UV printing presses to HP Latex printing technology. B!G adopted its first industrial Latex press, the Latex 600 Gen1, and has since upgraded to the HP Latex 3200 and HP Latex R2000 Plus. Today, the company sees this change as a resounding success, thanks in large part to the close collaboration with HP and its distributor Endutex, providing it with the experience and knowledge necessary to tackle the printer implementation and start-up processes with ease.

Aside from its production process, B!G has been making changes in its day-to-day operations as part of its green credentials. It is making all the necessary changes to switch to solar energy and already uses electric vehicles for transport purposes. In fact, it aims to change its entire fleet of trucks and vans for new emission-free vehicles, and the company also decided to move to the outskirts of Madrid in order to operate in a less polluted environment.

These actions, as well as always selecting suppliers that promote sustainability and actively collaborate with environmental organizations, reaffirm the company’s firm commitment to sustainability.

"HP's products fit perfectly with our business vision, the way HP thinks and manages its new products helps us and shows us the way forward in this industry. Many customers are asking us to use HP Latex Inks for production because of the lower environmental impact. In short, we couldn't have a better partner for our machines than HP," stated Fernando Gonzalez, CEO, B!G.

HP, in line with its commitment to sustainability, collaborates with companies like B!G to help them meet their goals for more environmentally friendly solutions by providing them with the technology to achieve this. Many customers are looking to produce using HP Latex Inks because of the environmental impact compared to other types of printing. HP Latex Inks meet stringent health and environmental criteria and are UL ECOLOGO® certified conform to ZDHC6 Manufacturing Restricted Substances List standards and hold UL GREENGUARD GOLD low-emission certifications. Moreover, through the HP Planet Partners recycling program, users and companies have an easy and safe way to collect used supplies for recycling to create a more circular, low-carbon economy.

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