Big Print Plan – Pay As You Go Large Format Printing has Arrived


Big Print Plan

Velmex, UK distributors for Canon has introduced a new way for customers to use large format printers, the Big Print Plan.

The Big Print Plan allows customers to rent the printer and pay for the ink they have used rather than upfront. All required inks, waste ink cartridges, print heads, warranty and support are provided for the full rental term.

‘looking at the large format printer market it became clear that customers want a simple, fully supported way to use large format printers with minimum cash outlay’ said Mark Keeley, Director of Velmex.

‘Customer’s generally had two options, purchase outright or lease the equipment – now there is a third way, the Big Print Plan. Customers simply rent the printer and receive a fully comprehensive support package and pay for the ink they have used, per month, per ml. Every Big Print Plan installation is configured to email our support team when an ink is low, so we can send a replacement, or when an error occurs. Our reporting is so fast that we often call customers and advise them of the error before they are even aware that they have a problem.  Every Big Print Plan solution includes hand delivery, installation, full product training, email alerts, remote support & our Big Print Plan calling card to allow users to contact us quickly should they need any support or advice. The printers come with all these services for the full rental period, normally three years and we even cover items such as print heads that are normally excluded from manufacturers extended warranty schemes’.

Keeley was also keen to explain the ink charge element of the scheme ‘the ink charge, per ml is based upon Canon UK ink retail price so customers are not paying ’extra’ for the ink they have used. In fact, it is quite the opposite as included in the ink charge are free waste ink tanks, free print heads if needed, and of course, free next day delivery on all required items. This equates to a very large saving over the three year period, with the added benefit that customers free up cash that is normally tied up with inks in the printer or additional backup inks on the shelf. We have also made the Big Print Plan as comprehensive as possible and customers can upgrade their printer with no penalty or add more printers to their system to meet their customer’s demands’.

The Big Print Plan covers all the Canon LFP range, 17” to 60” twelve colour photo printers, 24” to 44” CAD printers, 24” to 60” eight colour production printers and even Canon’s large format scan to print / copy systems.

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