Borderless printing kit launched for Epson GS6000 eco-solvent printer

Epson Gs6000 Productshot Spandex

An adaptation kit for the Epson Stylus Pro GS6000 roll-fed inkjet printer is now available, enabling users to produce borderless prints; a first in the eco-solvent wide-format sector.

The kit, available both as an on-site upgrade for existing GS6000 customers and offered as an option on new purchases, allows users to take advantage of new business opportunities, in line with the growing demand for signage and POS applications for interior decoration such as customised wallpapers and window graphics.

The GS6000 offers the widest colour gamut to date in a 64-inch roll-fed eco-solvent printer. Designed for both outdoor and indoor applications, it is able to switch easily between a range of different coated and non-coated substrates including vinyl, making it an ideal flexible solution for multiple commercial applications.

The kit enhances the GS6000’s capabilities, enabling printing without borders at widths from 11.8 inches (300mm) up to 62.5 inches (1,590mm). The on-site upgrade can be performed in about an hour by an Epson service engineer, or comes pre-fitted on a new GS6000. Once upgraded the printer can still print with borders and retains the same high print speeds, print longevity and quality as before. Customers simply need to add on suitable RIP software from their reseller.

In addition to new business opportunities the kit also reduces finishing time, media wastage and the need for dedicated cutting or trimming equipment.

Martin Johns, business development manager – pro-graphics at Epson UK, said: “The adaptation involves fitting a new platen to the GS6000. This allows variable positioning of recessed porous pads to catch the overprinted ink on either side of the media roll. A set of spacers for these pads accommodates popular media widths, including standard wallpaper sizes. An adjustable pressure roller allows for the use of both textured and smooth media types without causing edge curling. In addition, the kit includes a user guide that explains how to set the spacers and pressure rollers and adjust image sizing and other print software parameters to use the borderless option correctly.”

The Epson Stylus Pro GS6000 borderless kit is available immediately priced at £1799.

Key Features

  • Allows borderless printing on the full range of Epson Stylus Pro GS6000-supported media at up to 62.5 inches (1,590mm ) width
  • Enables new applications in wallpaper printing and other types of interior decoration production
  • On-site upgrade takes only an hour to perform (by an Epson service engineer)
  • Also available bundled with a new Stylus Pro GS6000
  • No loss of original printer functionality or productivity
  • No change to finished properties of print – water and UV resistant for up to 1.5 years without lamination
  • Pressure roller adjustment facility avoids edge curling with textured media
  • Reduces time and materials wastage through elimination of border trimming after printing
  • Borderless printing can save the need for dedicated cutting equipment
  • User guide explains mechanical and software settings to achieve borderless printing
  • Bordered printing still possible after adaptation