Buy Back Scheme offers Epson Business Customers a Hassle-Free Route to Refresh Old Equipment

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Epson announces a simple and cost-effective buy back scheme which is an easy way for business customers to refresh and update old equipment, no matter what brand or model they are currently using.

The scheme provides a complete service, from de-installation of out-dated technology to the installation of new Epson models. The service offers an environmentally friendly option for removal of old equipment, with Epson taking responsibility for recycling in accordance with WEEE regulations.

Customers taking advantage of the buy back scheme will find it competitively priced, so whether they want to replace their printer fleet or upgrade to the latest in projection technology, the fully integrated solution ensures minimum effort for maximum return.

This offer applies to all Epson equipment, from laser printers to scanners to dot matrix printers. The buy back price is based on the condition, age and model of the product. For more information contact your Epson reseller.