Colourgen reseller, Rennicks UK, installs Mutoh Zephyr at PF Cusack's

Cusacks 1a

Colourgen reseller, Rennicks UK, has installed a Mutoh Zephy TS UV-cure printer to traffic sign productions specialists, PF Cusack. The printer is based at the company’s Wolverhamption production site.

PF Cusack is one of the UK’s leading providers to road maintenance companies and has recently installed a Mutoh Zephyr TS in order to deliver a one-stop-shop solution for its customers. Managing director, Phil Cusack, comments, “Good service is absolutely critical in this market. When customers place an order they often need it very quickly, particularly on temporary sites. We bought the Mutoh so that we could increase the range of products and services we offer and also the speed with which we can deliver them.”

The addition of the Mutoh printer means PF Cusack can now fulfil its customers’ requirements for long term road signage as part of its overall solution offering. “The Mutoh allows us to produce a virtually unlimited range of signage approved and certified for road usage. It is early days with the printer, but we are already seeing some great benefit and enhanced business opportunities with it,” adds Cusack.

Melanie Enser, Product Marketing Manager for Colourgen, says, “The new Zephyr TS is easy-to-use and delivered as a total solution, including workstation and RIP software. The printer significantly reduces production workflow steps compared to manual sign making methods. From one-offs and short runs to long run production, Mutoh’s Zephyr TS successfully creates traffic signs with brilliant colours, meeting the colour box and retro-reflectivity requirements.”

The Mutoh Zephyr TS has been adapted from the Mutoh Zephyr UV platform for printing directly onto Nippon Carbide’s Nikkalite® retroreflective sheeting, using Mutoh’s specially formulated Zephyr TS traffic sign inks. It enables traditional traffic sign-makers to complement their analog production equipment. It offers faster turnaround, more flexibility with regards to production planning, stock levels and helps them to reduce their environmental footprint.

The combination of printer, media, ink and UV protection overlay film fulfills the European standard for fixed vertical road traffic signs (EN-12899-1:2007). Traffic signs produced on Nikkalite® retroreflective sheeting with a Zephyr TS will have an outdoor durability of up to 10 years when laminated with the recommended Nikkalite® overlay film.