DPI to supply high quality Jetrix platforms from InkTec

Jetrix 2513

Digital Print Innovations (DPI) has announced that it has added the Jetrix range of UV-curable machines from InkTec to its extensive range of wide-format printing technologies. The engines ensure high quality production for a vast range of applications, supported by excellent operability and build strength, offering advanced features for rigid and roll-fed production on a nevertheless affordable unit, with a starting price of £85,000.
The Jetrix machines are available in the most common board sizes for quick throughput of high-quality point-of-sale and other standard display work. The Jetrix 3015FQ's bed measures 5 x 10' (1.52 x 3.05m), while the 2513FRQ's bed size is 4 x 8' (1.22 x 2.44m) with an option for roll media up to 70" (1.9m). Both printers can accommodate exceptionally thick substrates up to 100mm with a top production speed of 30sq m/hour, providing exceptional quality on both solid colours and gradations, as well as clarity in text down to three-point size. DPI can supply either printer with the latest RIP software from popular manufacturers Caldera, Onyx and Wasatch.
Incorporating the Fujifilm Dimatix Q-class print-heads that DPI already supports in its Polytype Virtu range of wide-format machinery, the Jetrix 3015FQ and 2513FRQ can be supplied in eight-, ten- or 12-channel versions for CMYK, CMYK plus white or CMYK with white, primer and varnish. These greyscale heads take full advantage of variable drop placement technology, providing stunning output onto an extensive range of substrates while using a minimum of ink, thereby improving cost of ownership by reducing consumables expenditure.
The Jetrix printers switch automatically between primer and varnish modes with minimal changeover time, allowing for a stunning standard of decorative output onto glass and metals. This allows owners to extend beyond their core markets of high quality general display and point-of-sale work into new areas, such as giclée and industrial applications. A zoned, automatically adjusting vacuum system grips media to the print table, guaranteeing brilliant registration and reducing media waste from errors, while the machine engineering incorporates automatic head height adjustment and a mechanism which avoids head crashes.
Print-room operation has been considered carefully in the build of the Jetrix engines, which can carry loads of up to 500kg, making it more suitable for heavy production settings than competing printers. Users can also pause and resume the machine at any point during printing with the machines' easy-to-use visual operator interface. Both the Jetrix 3015FQ and 2513FRQ use single-phase power, avoiding expensive installation and electrical considerations.
"With the addition of the Jetrix 3015FQ and 2513FRQ, DPI is showing that we have a solution for every type of wide-format printing company, as well as a logical upgrade path for any businesses looking to expand," explains Stewart Bell, managing director of DPI.
"Jetrix owners can extend their portfolio easily with glass decoration and other high-margin work while catering to their core areas of retail, point-of-sale and display production. These are key vertical markets to which the Jetrix machines' usability, flexibility of production and strength of build allow easy access at a sensible investment point, making them an excellent addition to the DPI portfolio of solutions for the wide-format market," adds Bell.
"We chose DPI as a Jetrix partner due to their high level of technical support and vast knowledge and experience in the UV-curable printer market," emphasises Ben Woodruff, UK and Ireland sales manager for InkTec Europe. "They are extremely customer focused, offering 24/7 support, and have the infrastructure to deliver a start-to-finish solution for the graphic arts and industrial print markets. We believe they are the right type of company to help make the Jetrix a success here in the UK."