Epson wins ‘Best Photographic Printer of the Year’ in the European Digital Press Association Awards

altFor the second consecutive year, Epson has won the prestigious EDP award 2008 for the ‘Best Photographic Printer of the Year’, with the Epson Stylus Pro 11880. The award comes as Epson celebrates 40 years at the forefront of electronic printer development. EDP is the first association of digital graphic press publishers to acknowledge the value of the industry’s innovation for the professional graphic arts market. 

Barbara Kuhr, Head of Strategic Marketing at Epson Europe, commented: “In the year that Epson is celebrating 40 years of printing technology, the EDP has recognised Epson’s ongoing innovations with the award for ‘Best Photographic Printer of the Year 2008’. This award demonstrates that the values placed on innovation and quality at Epson’s inception still hold true today and bring benefits to the graphic arts market in terms of creating high-quality photo printers that deliver industry-leading results.” 

Kuhr continued: “Epson is delighted to have received the award and will continue to invest in research and development to maximise product potential for the future.”

The EDP Association is made up of the publishers of leading European magazines devoted to digital printing and associated products. These publications cover more than 15 European countries with a combined circulation of approximately 120,000 and a readership exceeding 240,000 graphic arts professionals. The EDP awards identify and reward products that represent quality and innovation to enable the graphic arts community to identify the best products in the industry.

“The decision to award Epson the ‘Best Photographic Printer of the Year’ accolade is based on Epson’s new wide format standard, its new formulation of magenta pigments, its colour stability immediately after printing, its capability of handling nine separate ink channels and superior connectivity,” commented the EDP panel.