First UK order for HP DesignJet Z6200 placed by Newcastle-based The Rip

Hp Designjet Z6200
Although beta-test and demonstrations models have been in circulation for the last couple of weeks, large format digital printer company, The Rip, placed the first UK order for the brand new Designjet Z6200 printer recently. Delivery and installation of the new 60" model takes place this month.
Word of mouth is still possibly one of the best forms of marketing, especially with a product that had only just been launched. A testament to the relationship The Rip and supplier CWE Solutions have is their ability to communicate effectively and The Rip are due to reap the benefits of this early news.
John Laidler, Managing Director of The Rip explains, "We were looking to replace some of our ageing printers and were already impressed with the quality, performance and durability of the HP Designjet range. Recommendations from our supplier on the Z6200 mean that we get the best we possibly can right from the outset."
In production the new Z6200 will enable higher production at better quality, with lower ink consumption. The Z6200 claims not just to be an upgrade to the Z6100; new elements include higher production speeds, wider colour gamut and improved print quality, particularly on backlit film. New technologies include new print heads, new inks and updated third generation Omas media sensor; a powerful combination producing a throughput of up to 140sqm per hour and saleable output three and a half times faster than rival machines of comparable quality.