05 Dec 2021

Gilmex orders three new Ricoh Pro L5160 printers

Continually improving Gilmex orders three new Ricoh Pro L5160 printers.

Gilmex International says it has 'dramatically increased' its output quality and turnaround times thanks to the installation of a new Ricoh Pro L5160 printer with Latex ink in August 2019.

The London company has ordered three new L5160 systems in total, with the other two printers to be installed soon.

Based in Woolwich, Gilmex International is a complete print management business serving a diverse client base with wide format applications such as pull-up banners, posters and mounted boards, plus small format marketing collateral. It is also the largest importer of printroom consumables in the UK, supplying products to various industries including the education sector.

Terry Mills, Operations Director at Gilmex International, explains that the business pushes equipment to its limits and is always keen to invest in the best new systems. This approach meant the Gilmex print room was the first in the UK to use Ricoh Latex technology and has never looked back.

"We've been exclusively using Ricoh now for about five years," he says. "When we were looking to invest back then we considered a range of factors, not just price, but reliability and quality of output too. However, the biggest priority was the support which has never faltered."

This longstanding relationship with Ricoh means that Gilmex International provides honest feedback.

"Our workload means we push new technology to the max, so are a good road-testing opportunity for Ricoh," says Terry. "We are continually looking for ways to improve, but we also really put our printers through the wringer."

Ricoh Pro L5160 2

This constant evolution meant investing in three new Ricoh Pro L5160 printers: one running material for pull-up banners, one poster paper and one PVC banners - a production workflow that will save time in Gilmex's busy and versatile print room. The first one is already installed and is being used for the production of pull-up banners; and the second and third printers are due to be installed in due course.

The impact has already been felt, as Terry explains: "The new Ricoh Pro L5160 is significantly faster than our older machine, which was something I was obviously hoping for. What I didn't expect was the noticeable difference in quality - it's by far superior to our solvent machines."

He adds: "The strengthened motor and take-up reel are able to support the quantity we want to put through it so we can confidently leave it to print overnight, which has dramatically increased our output and turnaround time. The days are now designated for finishing - essentially we've extended the working day without adding to the manpower."

Ricoh's Pro L5160 wide-format printer with Latex ink has received several industry awards for its ability to enhance productivity, quality and versatility in busy print rooms. It prints at speeds of up to 46.7sqm/hr in outdoor standard mode and 25sqm/hr in indoor standard mode, with automated maintenance further accelerating turnaround. Its GREENGUARD-certified Latex inks, including a white option, deliver environmental benefits to print businesses and their customers.

With such high demand, Terry Mills is always looking for new ways to enhance productivity. "I look at printers the same way most people would consider a mobile phone. What was once new and shiny is always improved upon by manufacturers like Ricoh - they keep technology constantly moving on."

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You can see a short video of Terry Mills alongside the Ricoh L5160 printer here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qqV9YX6-jT8&list=PLB0B93D65D43A19AB&index=9