21 Jul 2024

HP customer John Good invests in an Indigo 15K and a Latex R2000

HP customer John Good invests in an Indigo 15K and a Latex R2000.

Specialist arts and commercial printers John Good have invested in their HP Indigo portfolio to enhance their industry leading offering of high end programmes and promotional material for the theatre and arts sector.

The Warwickshire based firm cite the Covid pandemic as a key moment for their business, and the theatre industry in general, leading to a complete overhaul in the production and strategy of printed programmes. The limelight was shone on the standardised format for theatre programme printing where, historically, theatres would order higher volumes of programmes, which, post the pandemic, changed as theatres requested fewer products with shorter run times due to the reduced capacities across the entertainment industry at the time.

With this, minimum printing orders for programmes were approximately 700 copies, leaving a void, as many printers struggled to fulfil the newer, leaner, orders required by theatres. Thankfully, the HP Indigo 15K, installed by John Good, was able to take centre stage by driving efficiency and being able to adapt to the ever-changing environment which included minimum orders being able to be reduced to 300 copies.

Whilst Covid restrictions within the arts are behind us, the HP Indigo 15K tackles another key challenge faced by commercial printers in top-up orders. When a customer places a request for a top-up order, if the original quantity was not enough to meet demand, organisations are often unable to viably fulfil this request, as it’s conventionally not cost effective. With the HP Indigo range, John Good are now more than able to support their customers with top-up orders.

The Indigo 15K is a real showstopper of an industrial printer and is the next generation, market-winning digital press, leveraging the groundbreaking technology of the world’s best-selling B2 digital press. Multiple jobs can all be managed with a single press—from general commercial print applications to high end photo printing and folding cartons. A quality finish is guaranteed each time with the Indigo 15K thanks to the 7 ink stations built within offering unlimited colour combinations, featuring 14 application-specific inks and unlimited spot colours.

All-new, premium inks including high opacity Premium White, Invisible Yellow and fluorescent pink can be utilised by John Good to ensure that their materials provide the upmost quality to theatre goers – an industry that demands the highest standards across the board. The options of White and Fluorescent inks set the HP Indigo 15K apart from any competition, allowing John Good to create programmes that are truly special.

Steve Bubb, Commercial Manager at John Good commented, “The HP Indigo 15K has surpassed our expectations in terms of versatility. Sustainability is also a huge driver for us as a business and the HP Indigo enables us to significantly reduce waste by bringing our minimum order quantity down significantly.”

Sustainability continues to drive decisions at John Good, especially regarding their printing investments. A large proportion of paper used is either FSC or recycled and the organisation have their sights set on becoming a carbon balanced business in the very near future. The plant, located in Rugby, are currently finalising installation for solar panels across their buildings to compliment LED lighting already installed.

The HP Indigo range enables partners to save energy throughout the printing process thanks to the Indigo’s unique proprietary Liquid Electrophotography (LEP) technology, that ensures a high ink coverage job with low energy consumption. HP Indigo presses are also equipped with advanced energy recovery mechanisms such as regenerative braking and an advanced heat recovery system.

Such is the confidence in HP Indigo technology, John Good are now developing plans around creating personalised programmes ordered at the point of ticket sale for high profile customers. This nods to the potential of the HP Indigo technology to enhance customer experience even further.


john good hp latex r2000

In addition to the HP Indigo 15K, John Good have also invested in a HP Latex R2000. As a stalwart within the theatre and arts market, John Good are continuing to explore the opportunities that this industry can offer, expanding their services for their existing customers to products including posters and banners – as well as backdrops and staging production.

To learn more about HP Indigo printing technology, visit https://www.hp.com/gb-en/industrial-printers/indigo-digital-presses/commercial-digital-presses/15k-printing-press.html#modal=overlay-data-table-1

For information around HP Latex technology, visit https://www.hp.com/gb-en/printers/large-format/latex-printers.html.