JETRIX promotes tried and tested UV lamp technology

Jetrix KX7 LFR

Recognising there is still an appeal for the tried and tested technology of UV lamps, JETRIX is offering three years of free UV lamps for every JETRIX UV Flatbed sold until the end of October. 

UV lamps versus LEDs is a prominent conversation point in the printing world at the moment with clear pros and cons of both. However, there is a certain reassurance about a process that has been around since the Victorian era and upon which much of our printing heritage is based.  UV lamps are integral to the inks curing process, providing excellent ink adhesion on most substrates, for indoor and outdoor use and delivering a stunning colour spectrum, so you can always be assured of the output quality and durability. 

Printers operating with UV lamps are particularly beneficial suitable when you are dealing with high print volumes, which the JETRIX UV Flatbed series, with their multiple functionality and efficient productivity, are ideally suited to.

As JETRIX UK Sales Manager, Ben Woodruff says: “As the LED technology has developed there is no denying its benefits flatbed printing systems, however there is still very much a place for UV lamps in direct to media printing, where you can be confident in the ink curing process and longevity of the printed output, which is why we have instigated this offer for the next few months.”

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