Mutoh EMEA release Mark II series UV LED printers

Two new 162 cm / 64” wide UV LED digital printers & new genuine Mutoh RIP software with advanced 6 channel support.

Mutoh Europe nv, EMEA business unit of Mutoh Industries Co. Ltd., Japan, today unveiled its Mark II series, two new 162 cm / 64” wide 6-colour (C, M, Y, K, Wh, Va) UV LED printers, called ValueJet 1638UR Mark II and ValueJet 1638UH Mark II.

Both printers incorporate two piezo drop on demand print heads and two long life UV LED lamps. The ValueJet 1638UR Mark II (VJ-1638UR2) is a roll-to-roll printer; the ValueJet 1638UH Mark II (VJ-1638UH2) is a hybrid model handling both roll and rigid substrates. Both printers come standard with Mutoh’s brand new & genuine VerteLith RIP software with advanced 6-channel support.

Developed & manufactured in Japan, the new Mark II series printers feature two new pioneering features, i.e. a next generation weave algorithm specifically developed for digital UV printing called Intelligent Interweaving UV (i² UV) and Mutoh’s proprietary Clear Tone screening. Both new features run in sync with Mutoh’s new VerteLith RIP software to deliver increased performance and print quality including the best possible gradients and skin tones.

The VJ-1638UR2 will print on 64” (162 cm) roll substrates and can be equipped with a motorized take-up system of 30, 40 and 100 kgs. The VJ-1638UH2 hybrid model will print on rigids with a maximum thickness of 15 mm and maximum weight of 15 kgs. Roll compatibility is the same as for the VJ-1638UR2, with available motorized take-up systems of 30 and 40 kgs.

Delivering instant dry prints and print resolutions up to 1440 x 1440 dpi, Mutoh’s Mark II series UV LED printers are ideally suited for the production of high quality graphics : in-store promotional prints & deco graphics, POP & retail graphics, floor & window prints, customized wall décor prints, stickers, sign blanks, exhibition graphics, fine art prints, packaging samples and more.

ValueJet 1638UR Mark II and 1638UH Mark II can be setup in 3 different configurations : two times CMYK, CMYK + Varnish or CMYK + White + Varnish and are suited for printing onto a wide range of materials including heat sensitive media. Printing on dark coloured / non white or clear / transparent substrates is also possible thanks to the use of white inks. Special added value finishing is possible thanks to dedicated varnish inks.

Mutoh offers two ink types for the Mark II printers, the UH21 series rigid inks and the US11 series flexible inks. Both inks are low odour, non HAP inks, requiring no additional air purifier and therefore fit for any working environment. For the Mutoh US11 series flexible inks, Mutoh obtained GREENGUARD Gold certification, making the inks suited for indoor applications including offices, classrooms and healthcare environments.

Mutoh Mark II series UV LED printers – Highlights

• Dual head, dual LED lamp 64” (162 cm) wide UV LED printers.

• ValueJet 1638UR Mark II – roll to roll printing.

• ValueJet 1638UH Mark II – roll to roll and rigid printing.

• Mutoh cool UV cure technology delivers low energy consumption and instant dry output.

• Both printers come standard with Mutoh’s brand new VerteLith RIP software, a complete in the box print solution with advanced 6-colour support.

• i² Intelligent Interweaving UV drastically reduces banding and gloss banding effects.

• Mutoh VerteLith™ Clear Tone screening will produce the best possible gradients and skin tones.

• C, M, Y, K, Wh & Va inks. Two ink types: UH21 rigid inks and US11 flexible inks.

• Low odour, non HAP inks - no air purifier needed. Fit for any working environment and interior décor prints.

• US11 inks are GREENGUARD Gold certified for indoor applications including offices, classrooms and healthcare environments.

• US11 inks are compliant with the European Standard on safety of toys EN 71-3 – part 3.

• ValueJet 1638UR2 : DropMaster automatically adjusts the drop throw distance, regardless of the thickness of the media loaded.

• ValueJet 1638UH2 : automatic head height adjustment and media thickness measurement

Mutoh’s New VerteLith RIP software

The Mark II series printers come standard with Mutoh’s new genuine VerteLith RIP software, a complete ‘in the box’ print solution with advanced 6-channel support to effortlessly handle a broad range of print jobs, including multi-layer artwork requiring white and/or varnish layers. By integrating halftone screening specifically developed for inkjet, Mutoh VerteLith ‘Clear Tone’ will produce the best possible gradients and skin tones.

The VerteLith software is built around the Harlequin host renderer, ensuring fast RIP processing times for both PDF and PostScript files, as well as perfect handling of transparencies and spot colours. To avoid waste, the software includes powerful preview functionality, supporting soft proofing and on screen RIP previewing of the actual printed dots before printing.

VerteLith can also auto-generate white and/or varnish layers based on a selection of presets and it allows you to perform ink-cost calculation prior to printing. Your output can be perfectly prepared for the next step in your production process via the finishing toolset, allowing you to perform flexible tiling and put crop marks or grommets.

For businesses who already invested in a RIP solution, VerteLith can be installed in “Pass Through” mode, leaving intact the existing workflow and adding extra functionality.


VJ 1638UR MarkII