Mutoh Viper Dye-Sublimation Printer Launched

Mutoh Viper Extreme

Large format piezo inkjet printer manufacturer Mutoh Europe nv announces release of a new high volume dye sublimation printer series, called Viper Extreme. 

Available in 65” (1651 mm) and 90” (2240 mm) widths, the Viper Extreme family is an addition to Mutoh’s existing  Viper family of printers.   Incorporating Mutoh’s proprietary Intelligent Interweaving print technology, Viper Extreme printers allow top  quality production printing for close viewing distances up to 37 m²/h.  Top speeds up to 77 m²/h can be obtained.

Suited for transfer sublimation printing (paper) and for direct sublimation printing (polyester fabrics  with closed structure), Mutoh Viper Extreme printers are specifically targeted at print businesses focusing on volume production of a wide range of sublimated graphics, such as banners, flags, soft signage, interior decoration, curtains, bed linen, sportswear, etc. Prints made with Viper Extreme can also be used for transfer to objects (mugs, cups, mouse pads, snowboards, etc). 
Destined for high volume applications, Mutoh Viper Extreme printers have been purpose-built for dye sublimation printing.
The machines support all typical dye sublimation transfer paper weights and are  able to print at high speed on the thinnest available lightweight transfer papers of 70 g/m².  Viper Extreme integrates two digitally controlled heating elements into the print platform.  The pre-heater element will acclimatise media before printing.  The post dryer heating element will promote fast drying of the prints, as such preventing “ghost images” during calandering of the dye sub prints.
To allow transfer paper to expand whilst absorbing ink, it is possible to “disable” the pressure rollers on the printer.   To compensate for media expansion during printing, Viper Extreme printers incorporate Mutoh’s patented ETT tool (Extra Tensioning Tool).  This tool keeps media under a constant tension, minimising cockling, and easily adapts to different media size roll sizes.
Unattended roll-to-roll printing is made possible by the integrated motorised unwinding/winding system for media rolls up to 100 kg.  This system will provide accurate unrolling, adequate tensioning and straight winding of finished prints.  This is particularly important for easy after-treatment on e.g. a calender.
The printers incorporate 8 piezo drop-on-demand 360 nozzle heads, offering print resolutions of 360 x 360 dpi, 720 x 360 dpi, 540 x 720 dpi, 720 x 720 dpi and 1440 x 1440 dpi. Mutoh have pre-programmed dedicated Intelligent Interweaving print weaves for each resolution mode to enable high speed banding-free printing for close viewing distances. 
Viper Extreme utilises Mutoh’s tested and approved high-speed disperse dye inks, offering excellent nozzle stability for high-speed and high-volume printing.   The inks produce rich and vibrant colours and offer excellent colourfastness.   Being water-based inks, they are a preferred choice for environmentally conscious customers.   Available in 1 and 5 liter bottles, the inks deliver top scores in wash fastness, rubbing and perspiration.
Viper Extreme printers connect to Mutoh’s optional professional continuous ink delivery system (BIS).  Two BIS models are available, a 4-bottle system and an 8-bottle system.  Each BIS ink bottle can hold 4.3 litres of ink and can be refilled during printing.