New ValueJet models from Mutoh announced

Mutoh Valuejet 1638

At Sign & Digital UK 2012 (and inCOM France 2012), Mutoh Belgium will introduce its new ValueJet 1638 line.  These two four-colour 64” (165 cm) wide high speed printers are Mutoh’s first ValueJet printers to feature a staggered dual head setup, offering improved productivity.

The new ValueJet 1638 model, offering production quality speeds up to 36 m²/h at 720 x 720 dpi, is targeted at the sign & display market.  The printer utilises Mutoh Eco Ultra CMYK inks and will address the needs of PSPs and commercial printers looking for a high volume printing solution. The ValueJet 1638W model was designed specifically for the sublimation transfer market.  The printer uses Mutoh water-based direct disperse inks and will deliver production speeds up to 65 m²/h. 

The new dual head printers incorporate Mutoh’s award-winning Intelligent Interweaving print technology which guarantees predictable and repeatable output quality.    The VJ-1638 and VJ-1638W printers also feature a high level of operator comfort and print production efficiency, thanks to a newly designed keyboard, an automatic sheet off system and a tiltable ink cassette holder which saves space and enables loading of different ink volumes.

Staggered Dual Head Setup for Increased performance

The new 1638 dual head printers offer a unique blend of high speed and high quality printing. The new staggered head setup is a good example of how ‘1+1’ can be more than ‘2’.  Basically three elements are brought together. First of all two latest generation 1440 nozzle heads in a staggered setup.  Secondly, higher carriage speeds & ink firing frequencies thanks to new machine electronics.  Last but not least, adapted weaving algorithms tuned to the new print heads.  Altogether, this technology mix gives an impressive increase in production speed in combination with an optimised ink spread and improved drying behaviour.

“The new 64” wide ValueJet 1638 line will enable us to perfectly address the needs of volume-oriented users requiring high print speeds and who at the same time put impeccable print quality on top of their wish list”, says Arthur Vanhoutte, Mutoh Belgium’s General Manager.  "The ValueJet 1638 is the fastest 64” Eco printer on the market today. It will replace our Blizzard 65” model and is an addition to the recently launched ValueJet 1324 – 54” and ValueJet 1624 – 64” models. The ValueJet 1638W has been purpose-built for high-speed digital transfer printing. The “W” stands for water-based.  This model will replace our Viper Extreme 65” printer and will complement our existing ValueJet 1304W – 54” and 1604W – 64” dye sub printers.   With sellable production speeds up to 65 m²/h, the 1638W will set a new performance benchmark for wide-format dye sub printers in the growing market of soft signage applications."

Features of VJ-1638 & VJ-1638W printers

  • Max. media width : 1625 mm (63.97”) / Max. print width : 1615 mm (63.58”)
  • Two drop-on-demand micro piezo inkjet heads with dynamic variable dot imaging technology.
  • Staggered head setup – latest generation 1440 nozzle piezo heads (360 nozzles / head – two nozzle rows per colour), drop mass range 3.6 – 35 pl/37.4 pl
  • Print Resolutions (dpi) : 360 x 360, 360 x 720, 540 x 720, 720 x 720, 720 x 1080, 1440 x 720 and 1440 x 1440
  • Mutoh Intelligent Interweaving technology (i²) incorporated.
  • Media thickness : heads low : 0.3 mm / heads middle : 1.3 mm / heads high : 2.8 mm
  • Standard non-motorised scroller supports at the back of the machine for non-motorised roll-off of media up to 30 kg – roll media diameter max. 150 mm.
  • Different motorised winding/unwinding systems (30, 80 & 100 kg) available.

Features specific to VJ-1638

  • Targeted at the sign & display market : high volume and high quality production of long-term outdoor posters, signs and banners, backlit signage, POS displays, vehicle graphics as well as high quality durable prints for indoor use.
  • Prints directly onto a wide range of uncoated and coated substrates.
  • Three individually controlled heating elements below the print platen for media pre-heating, ink fixation and drying.
  • Mutoh Eco Ultra inks, CMYK – 220 & 440 ml cassettes.  Inks do not spread any harmful VOCs in working environment.  No need for forced ventilation.  Inks are UV and water-resistant for up to 3 years outdoors.
  • Production speed range :
    • High quality speed up to 20 m²/h (720 x 1080 dpi)
    • Typical production speed up to 36 m²/h (720 x 720 dpi)
    • Top speed up to 48 m²/h (360 x 720 dpi)

Features specific to VJ-1638W

  • Targeted at the sublimation transfer market : soft signage & graphics for events, home decoration, flags & pennants, sportswear, in-store banners etc
  • Prints on all typical dye sub transfer papers from 66 g/m² to 150 g/m².
  • Mutoh high speed quick dry water-based disperse dye inks, CMYK, 1 & 5 l bottles.  Rich and vibrant colours; top scores for wash fastness, rubbing and perspiration.    Do not spread any harmful VOCs in the working environment.
  • Ready for connection to Mutoh’s optional bulk ink system.
  • For heat transfer of dye sub prints from paper to fabric, Mutoh’s Unifixer calender can be used.
  • Production speed range : 10 m²/h – 65 m²/h
  • Typical production speeds up to 42 m²/h (360 x 720 dpi) / up to 65 m²/h (360 x 360 dpi)

Engineered & manufactured in Japan, the new ValueJet 1638 line will be showcased at all major sign & print industry events throughout Europe, the Middle East and Africa during the next coming weeks and months.  The product will become available during the month of May 2012.

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[photos show Mutoh ValueJet 1638 (above) and Mutoh ValueJet 1638W (below)]

Mutoh Valuejet 1638w