News from the HP stand - Designjet L25500 with prices and availability

HP Designjet L25500 at Viscom

HP today launched their new L25500 latex printer at Viscom Dusseldorf, and we have one of our guys there to bring you all of the news on what is arguably one of the most important product releases of recent years.

For those already familiar with HP latex technology, as launched in the L65500, the big selling point is the the fact that it uses a latex-based non-solvent ink, so there are considerable environmental benefits.


What HP say about the Designjet L25500...

Delivering unrivalled versatility for a variety of outdoor and indoor large-format applications, the HP Designjet L25500 Printer featuring HP Latex Printing Technologies offers print service providers a solution that provides durability comparable to eco-solvent inks, while reducing the impact of printing on the environment. The newest addition to the HP Latex Printing Technologies portfolio, the HP Designjet L25500 Printer is an ideal solution for small and medium digital print and sign shops, as well as copy shops and photo labs interested in offering an enhanced range of applications and increasing their competitive advantage.


What LFR say about the Designjet L25500...

Some will have been expecting the new L25500 to look like a cut down version of the 2.6 metre-wide L65500, but it has actually been released on a modified Designjet Z6100 chassis.

In line with this Z6100 heritage, the L25500 printers will be available in 1065mm (42") and 1525mm (60") widths.

As regards availability, demo units will be launched into the HP channel soon, with production units ready for first installations in January 2010 - if you've been good this year, you could ask Santa to bring you one!

Alternatively, if funding it by more traditional methods, you'll need to find €19,500 for the 42" or €25,500 for the 60" - prices that we were pleasantly surprised by - we thought it would be priced higher.

One of the best features of the machine, forgetting for a moment the environmental benefits, is the fact that the print comes off the machine dry and ready for shipping, or for immediate lamination should you prefer - this is a significant benefit over and above solvent alternatives that have to be left to one side for a period of time for the solvents to fully evaporate.

This 'instant print' feature is facilitated by a two-stage drying process, the first stage removes the water carrier, the second cures and bonds the ink to the substrates.

The machine is not as fast as either the L65500, or indeed the Z6100 which serves as the chassis donor, with maximum print speeds of 20 square metres, and 10 metres per hour as the expected production speed - how these claimed speeds and quality levels will actually stack up in the 'real-production-world' remains to be seen, and this is obviously key to the machines success.

At time of launch there will be no 'PostScript onboard' version of the machines, but HP have been working closely with all of the major RIP manufacturers, and we'd expect to see drivers for the Designjet L25500 rolled out by the RIP vendors over the coming weeks.

As regards the consumables, the printer will use HP 789 cartridges, as pictured below, in 775ml capacities.The cartridges will be priced at €200 each.


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HP 789 latex inks for Designjet L25500