Nordplakat to extend services with HP Scitex TJ8300 printer


Hp Scitex Tj8500

HP today announced that Nordplakat, of Emden, Germany, has used its new HP Scitex TJ8300 Printer to extend its services in personalised wide format printing on PVC.

Nordplakat was founded in 1996 and primarily offers wide format printing for point-of-sale (POS) products printed on a variety of materials (PVC, mesh, textiles, etc.). The company works with several other HP printers to produce personalised signage, and imprints billboards and PVC banners (all formats) for the automotive, fashion and telecommunications industry in Germany, Switzerland, Austria and the Netherlands. Other products include showrooms displays, window graphics and backlit displays.  Nordplakat's clients are mainly advertising agencies working to tight deadlines and other customers demanding high quality print.

The printer was installed at the company's offices in Emden to deliver fast, cost-effective turnaround jobs with a maximum return on investment. The TJ8300 printer can print up to six colours on a variety of substrates (including self-adhesive vinyl, PVC banner, indoor and outdoor wet strength digital paper) up to a maximum speed of 400m2/hr ) enabling many jobs to be printed in one shift, even runs of one for localised or personalised applications.

"The HP Scitex printer produces outstanding results with brilliant, saturated colours and a high outdoor durability. Before the installation of the TJ8300, we had to work with several printers to achieve what we can now achieve with a single printer," said Ferdinand Friesecke, managing director, Nordplakat.