21 Jul 2024

Nyala Flatbed 4 plays pivotal role in Trylea’s expansion plans

Nyala Flatbed 4 plays pivotal role in Trylea’s expansion plans.

Trylea has upgraded its fleet of production equipment by installing a swissQprint large format printer in March this year.

This strategic move has increased production speed, expanded capabilities, and improved print quality.

Trylea, a leader in large-format printing based in Canada, is dedicated to pushing the boundaries of innovation and quality. Introducing the swissQprint flatbed printer Nyala 4 marks a significant step in Trylea’s expansion plans in national and international markets: The company is optimizing its production processes, ensuring efficiency, and meeting the growing demands of its diverse customer base.

Elevated productivity

“The Nyala enables us to meet tight deadlines while maintaining exceptional quality”, said Vincent Trepanier, President of the Trylea Group. According to him, the robust and reliable Nyala has considerably reduced turnaround times. It outputs up to 2217 ft²/h. Also, it features some efficiency boosters such as the tandem mode for non-stop production and the patented Tip Switch vacuum for clever vacuum control.

Precision and quality

swissQprint is known for its characteristic Swiss precision, and the Nyala 4 flatbed printer features high-resolution capabilities of up to 1350 dpi. Alexandre Hebert, partner at the Trylea Group, explained: “This printer allows us to produce effects and finishes that few other print service providers can which further solidifies our reputation as an industry leader.”

Expanded capabilities

The swissQprint Nyala allows the Trylea Group to diversify its product offerings, catering to a wider array of customer needs and preferences. The printer is versatile in handling various solid substrates, including acrylic, aluminum, corrugated plastic sheets, and lightweight PVC board. Thanks to the roll to roll option it also processes a wide range of roll stock. In addition to the process colors, the Nyala is equipped with white ink and effect varnish. Not only can Trylea print on transparent media, but they can also produce visual and haptic effects.

These enhanced capabilities enable the Trylea Group and its associated business units to offer new ideas to their key markets in printed decor – such as wallpaper and decals – as well as commercial and event-related large-format printing, signage, and displays.

Strategic partnership

Integration of the swissQprint Nyala aligns with Trylea’s ongoing commitment to growth and excellence. It also reinforces the company’s dedication to innovation, customer satisfaction, and market leadership, as they continue to expand both nationally and internationally. “We are pleased to support Trylea in becoming a trusted global provider in large-format printing”, underlined Kevin Graham, Sales Territory Manager at swissQprint. “Adopting cutting-edge technologies ensures they remain at the forefront of the industry.”